Wet filter media solutions for your vital wet filtration equipment

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Ensure the best results for your wet filtration operations

Wet filtration equipment is a vital component across a range of industries, and if you are not happy with how your filtration equipment is performing, then it may be due to inadequate filter media. The right filter media improves production rates, extends equipment life, increases equipment availability and can even significantly reduce your overall operational expenses.

Simply put, there is a lot riding on your choice of filter media. We are here to help you find the solution that works best for you, based on your applications and specific site needs. As your partner in success, we work with you to identify exactly what you want out of a wet filtration media solution.

Are you interested in improved filter production rate? Do you want to reduce product moisture? How about improving cake release or filtrate clarity? Is extending cloth life a goal of yours? And of course, reducing operational expenses is always a top priority.

By sharing your objectives, you give us the direction we need to create the perfect solution. We will design a test plan to determine the right filter media for your unique situation, so that we can provide you with the filter media best suited to your goals.

We offer advanced right filter media for all of your filter types, including:

§   AFP pressure filters

§   Shriver pressure filters

§   Pneumapress pressure filter

§   Horizontal belt filters

§   Rotary Vacuum filters

§   Rotary drum filters

§   Pan filters

§   Tails Dewatering Press

And, for times when you need the right solution as soon as possible, our facilities around the world can offer local warehousing of filter media to provide short lead times to reduce the risk of unexpected downtime.

Together, let us optimise your filtration equipment. We offer customised filter media solutions, so that you will always have the best components to keep you vital equipment running smoothly.

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