Key Benefits

  • Monitor your plant’s energy and power consumption with real-time and historical capabilities
  • Help identify root causes of poor energy and power performance, and alert operators in abnormal conditions
  • Helps to identify potential energy saving projects by making your current performance visible and establishing a baseline

An energy monitoring system to reduce costs and support your sustainability ambitions

How much does your business spend on energy and power every quarter? Whatever it is, and wherever you are in the world, we bet it’s more than you’d like it to be. Mining and cement production are among the most energy-intensive industries in the world and fluctuations in electricity and fuel costs can destroy a business’s bottom line. Even if your situation isn’t quite so dire, reducing your bill would boost your profitability and free up funds to invest elsewhere in your business. That’s what our ECS/EnerSentry – Energy Monitoring can do for you.

What is it?

We’ve developed ECS/EnerSentry to help you and your staff to better monitor energy use and drive down costs. It’s an advanced piece of technology that gathers data from a wide range of energy devices and automation systems and transfers it into clear and actionable information that’s specific to your plant and company.


Save costs and reduce your environmental impact

High quality data is vital to any well-run business. ECS/EnerSentry will provide you with reports that are easy to understand and can be customised to suit your needs. Once you have the information you need, you will be able to make clear decisions about how to reduce your energy use without sacrificing your output. Running your plant and equipment more efficiently will not only reduce costs – it will also lower your carbon footprint.


Easy to install and use

We have designed ECS/EnerSentry to be quickly configured and seamlessly integrated into new and existing hardware. Our standard package comes with everything you and your engineers need to get started quickly so that you can begin to reduce energy usage and save costs in a matter of days. Plus, our engineers and customer support staff will be on hand to help you remotely, whenever you need them.

An easy-to-use energy monitoring system

ECS/EnerSentry – Energy Monitoring is designed to suit your business’s needs. It’s easy to configure and will quickly get you on your way to greater productivity and greater savings.

Get the information you need, fast
Don’t waste valuable funds on high-end energy meters and complex calculators. ECS/EnerSentry provides all the information you need for clear decision-making. And with high-speed data logging of up to one-second intervals, you’ll have the most up-to-date data possible.
Standard reports leveraging our expertise
Our standard reports are a result of years of experience and have been designed to support your requirements. You’ll have immediate access to daily power reports, as well as power factor, quality and maximum demand reports for each hour, shift and week. Beyond that, automatic reports can be scheduled for any time period you like, from every ten seconds to monthly. And you’ll be able to access all our reports with just one touch in a variety of standard formats, including Excel, Word and PDF.
Reduce costs and your carbon footprint
Armed with the high quality and timely data the system provides, you’ll be able to make clear decisions about how to manage your operations more efficiently. You’ll be able to reduce costs, lift productivity and improve your environmental status.

An energy monitoring system packed with advanced features

ECS/EnerSentry – Energy Monitoring is packed full of technologically advanced features to meet your energy monitoring needs. We’ve built you a powerful, secure system that can be customised to suit your individual needs.

Inbuilt calculator solvers

The software allows you to set key performance measures for every aspect of energy conservation. You’ll be able to track a range of specific measures including power consumption, energy losses, load factors and more for any time period you desire.


Trend anything, anytime

We’ve made sure all your energy data will be logged automatically and continuously. You’ll be able to break this information down however you like it as our system allows data to be presented in any combination of trend curves and reports. Our standard installation includes a daily overview of energy, specific power consumption, demand, power factor, and voltage quality trends for the past 30 days.


Alarms and events

The system allows you to set dedicated alarms for trouble shooting and proactive energy conservation measures. You’ll be able to define high and low values for issues such as maximum demand, power factor, power quality and power disturbance. And our Event Historian feature will help you to analyse various alarms to identify the root cause of problems.

Hardware flexibility

The needs of your business are unique, and so is your hardware set-up. We understand that and that’s why we’ve made sure ECS/EnerSentry – Energy Monitoring can communicate with a wide range of equipment and devices, including energy meters and smart relays, through built-in high-performance input/output (I/O) drivers. 



The security of your system is extremely important to us. That’s why we’re vigilant about protecting data, users and operations. ECS/EnerSentry – Energy Monitoring offers full redundancy support with built-in user access control, secure on-the-fly user login, and user action/event logging.

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