Key Benefits

  • Ultra heavy-duty design
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Lowest cost per tonne in operation
  • Digitally enabled
  • Safer, simpler maintenance

Next-generation crushing – designed to get more from lower grade ore

Are you doing more work for the same yield?

Your energy bill is higher. Your maintenance costs are higher. Your health and safety risks are higher. That’s the reality of crushing low-grade ore.

At the same time there is pressure to reduce the environmental impact of your operation. Bring down energy consumption. Increase efficiency. And of course, always, protect your personnel from harm.

Greater speed
Optimised speed to balance throughput and wear rates
Increased capacity
Greater capacity without compromising on performance
mtph throughput
Lowest cost per metric tonne in operation of any crusher on the market

We can’t change the nature of your deposit. But we can change the way you crush it. Our Mark V Top Service Gyratory Crusher – the TSUV – brings you:

  • More power with only a nominal increase in footprint
  • Greater capacity without compromising on performance
  • Optimised speed to balance throughput and wear rates
  • Enlarged feed opening for greater flexibility
  • Service through the top, significantly reducing safety risks
  • Integrated, smart controls, including wear compensation and automatic mantle adjustment to maximise crushing efficiency
  • Potential to connect to your mobile device for real time status and alerts, wherever you are
  • Liner optimisation for the lowest wear cost per tonne

It’s the most efficient gyratory crusher on the market, designed to help your mining operation reach its full potential.

A design evolution that is based on experience

Mining has a long history – and so do we. Our commitment to optimising the comminution process with quality crushers dates back to the Traylor and Fuller-Traylor gyratory crushers of the early 1900s. Since then, our crushers have continuously withstood the harshest demands of the world’s mines and rock quarries. Through constant improvements in engineering, we have earned our place as a proven and preferred crusher supplier throughout the industry.


The TSUV is our latest generation gyratory crusher, following the successful rollout of our Top Service (TS) and Top Service Ultra Duty (TSU) models. The unique design emphasises safety, easy maintenance and efficient crushing performance.


Unlike other gyratory crushers, which require workers to get in underneath the crusher to perform maintenance tasks – a high-risk operation – the TS range allows service and maintenance to be carried out from above. The eccentric assembly, bushings and hydraulic piston are easily accessible and removed through the top of the crusher, hence the name ‘Top Service’. Not only is this much safer than the bottom service crusher design, it also increases the speed and simplicity of maintenance work, reducing costs and boosting availability.


In addition to safety and the reduced maintenance burden, the TS gyratory crushers are built for strength, durability and the ability to adapt to the various requirements of mine operators.

kW Power
More power with only a nominal increase in footprint
Power to weight ratio
Totally re-engineered to deliver advanced crushing efficiency
Reduction ratio
Enlarged feed opening to handle “slabby” or “blocky” material

Harder, better, faster, stronger

The Mark V design builds on these strengths and adds even more power, capacity and flexibility. We have re-engineered the entire crusher to deliver advanced crushing efficiency within the same footprint.


It’s also safer than ever before. The unique self-aligning main-shaft negates the need for service personnel to be working underneath a heavy suspended load. Previously the 100+ tonne fully-dressed main-shaft had to be guided into the eccentric assembly by hand. With this development the shaft aligns automatically, dramatically reducing risk.


To offer even greater potential to optimise performance, the TSUV is digitally enabled – giving you more control over operations and availability. This is a game-changer. The ability to make fine adjustments to wear compensation, track equipment trends and instantly detect crusher obstructions will enable increased uptime, optimum equipment life and a significantly reduced risk of un-planned downtime. Additionally, our integrated control system incorporates all the required safety and interlock features to keep your operators safe.

The lowest total cost of ownership in a gyratory crusher

Ultra heavy-duty design
The TSUV is built to withstand the challenges of crushing hard, blocky materials. In addition to the robust machinery, we’ve also added a liner optimisation service to minimise wear and maximise uptime.
Lowest cost per tonne in operation and lowest total cost of ownership

By optimising the liners and maximising uptime, as well as achieving higher throughput and greater energy efficiency, the TSUV achieves the lowest cost per metric tonne in operation of any crusher on the market and gives you the lowest total cost of ownership.

Digitally enabled

You have the option to connect your TSUV to our digital ecosystem, giving you the benefits of both our technologies and our experience. We offer a range of services geared towards maintaining asset health and optimising performance, many of which can be carried out remotely, saving both time and money.

The TSUV’s advanced control system gives you a 24/7 view of performance metrics, enabling you to increase reliability. And, with further condition monitoring feedback and controls, you can get proactive about maintenance, minimising the risk of unplanned downtime.

  • The TSUV comes with multiple sensors as standard to monitor oil, lubrication, vibration and more.
  • A life tracker enables you to analyse oil, mantle and concave conditions, plotting trends and helping you make the best decisions for greater productivity.
  • As a connected machine, you also have the option for remote support and troubleshooting with FLSmidth 24/7 Global Remote Service Center.

Tracking and trending operating parameters enables you to continually adjust and optimise performance for the maximum return with minimum waste. The control system has built-in trending, historical data, alarms and events, stored locally for six months. The KPIs dashboard is clear and easy to interpret, enabling you to visualise performance levels at any given time at the touch of a button – and with our mobile app, SiteConnect, you don’t even have to be onsite to check on your crusher.

Safer, simpler maintenance

Standard gyratory crushers require personnel to get beneath the crusher, a confined and hazardous workspace where they are at considerable risk. We remain the only vendor to offer a fully Top Service crusher and the TSUV takes this commitment to safety a step further with the creation of the self-aligning main-shaft. Now there is absolutely no need for service personnel to work under the crusher.

We’ve also worked hard to streamline performance and optimise operating conditions to minimise the need for maintenance, as well as implementing automated solutions to reduce manual interventions where possible. All of these things combine to give you simpler maintenance that reduces planned downtime by up to 74% compared to previous generation models. 

Hours stripdown time
Significant reduction in maintenance risk
Reduction in planned downtime
Includes rotable shells and self-aligning main-shaft
Top Service
Unique to FLSmidth
Eliminates the dangers associated with working beneath a crusher

The TSUV brings you more power and more throughput – but less wear

As ore grade decreases and the industry seeks to crush ever harder material, crushers have to rise to the challenge. You need the kind of hard-wearing, durable system that can manage ore with a BCWi into the 50s without succumbing to failure.

Every part of the Mark V has been strengthened and improved to give you greater crushing efficiency and a low total cost of ownership (TCO). We’ve instilled all our knowhow and process experience into the design to bring you: 

Higher power – Improved power handling capabilities allow you to process more material as ore yields decline, enabling you to remain competitive. Maximum power handling is now up to 1500 kW.

Higher capacity – Improved capacity throughputs make use of the additional power available without compromising on setting or product size. You get the same product – but more of it. 

Optimised speed – We’ve optimised eccentric speeds to ensure maximum throughput without incurring excessive wear rates. This is a finely balanced equation, based on extensive R&D work, which together with the new service and operational features, gives you the lowest possible cost per tonne of material processed. 

Enlarged feed opening – For those customers with ‘slabby’ or ‘blocky’ materials, we have introduced extended topshells to give you larger feed openings. These are optional for all machines in the TSUV range.

Liner optimisation service – This service ensures wear maintains the desired nip angle, which keeps power at a constant range and thus optimizes throughput. 

Easier maintenance – Up to 74% reduction in planned maintenance time means more time in production, increasing productivity and boosting your bottom line. 

Integrated controls – Our advanced control system includes KPI dashboards, built-in trending, power and PSD wear compensation, automatic lowering of the mantle and camera/laser detection of oversize boulders and bridging. These are significant developments that will enable you to increase reliability and reduce the risk of an unscheduled stop.

Highlights from MINExpo 2021


Lower grade ore requires higher power crushing and higher throughputs than ever before. We have met this need with the digitally-enabled TSUV Mark 5 Top Service Gyratory Crusher, the world’s most OPEX and CAPEX-efficient gyratory crusher. In this presentation from MINExpo 2021, Josh Garrett, Product Manager for Crushing, explains how all TS Gyratory Crushers are built for strength, durability and the ability to adapt to the various requirements of mine operators. But the TSUV Gyratory Crusher design adds even more power, capacity and flexibility, to give mine operators a low total cost of ownership.

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