Maximise your crushing with our roller and sizer product range

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Achieve hassle-free material crushing with our rollers and sizers

We provide a range of rollers and sizers for both the cement and mineral processing industries. Hands-on experience in the field has cultivated know-how for constant development of our rollers and sizers to ensure efficient crushing of materials such as soft limestone, chalk, and clay to between one third and one fifth of its original size.

The carefully considered design features of our roller and sizer product range offer a number of key benefits including:

  • Low specific power consumption
  • Stable and trouble-free operation
  • Built-in automatic lubrication systems
  • Easy to install, adjust and maintain
  • Long-life of tooth wear parts
  • Reliable to operate and low maintenance

Smooth operator

Smooth roller operation is assured through grease-lubricated roller bearings. Additionally, the toothed wheels on the gear drive are immersed in oil along with lubricated shaft bearings. Our sizers incorporate the same lubrication system, which eliminates the need for external auto-lube systems.


Sized up for the job

With its rugged structure, smooth operation and added durability, our sizer solution breaks and reduces the size of rock by feeding it through rotating cylinders that feature large teeth on their surfaces. As gravity pulls the weight of the rocks into the crushing chamber, the teeth ‘bite’ the rock, moving the material through. The pressure created by the narrow gap between the cylinders and the force of the teeth coming down on the rock breaks it apart. The rock is expelled from the underside in a more manageable size for easy transportation to other areas of the plant for processing.


Slow and easy wins the race

Our durable sizers are driven by means of a proprietary quad reduction gearbox resulting in generation of high levels of output torque. Due to the low rotation speed of the sizer, the teeth sizing elements and drive train are protected against excessive damage from any unexpected tramp metal within the feed entering the crushing chamber. Slow sizer speeds maximise tooth wear life due to a more effective bite on the incoming feed.


Rolling with the punches

Our single-step roller crusher consists of two rollers with cast bosses. One of the roller shafts is adjustable while the other has a fixed position, supplied by a flywheel. The gap between the two rollers can be varied depending on your required degree of crushing. The motor power is transmitted through a gear drive and two cardan shafts allow adjustment of the space between the rollers. Both rollers feature scrapers that remove sticky material that adhere to the surface.

With an overload protection feature, our roller crushers activate a device to halt operation of the crusher and feeder when it becomes jammed with oversized material. A tough frame consisting of welded and cast steel parts bolted together supports efficient crushing of large volumes of material.

Our MHC twin shaft breaker is another one of our roller crusher solutions, suitable for crushing soft and sticky materials such as marl, clay, shale and coal with ease. The breaker comes in two teeth configurations: one for ball mills and one for vertical roller mills (VRM).

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