Key Benefits

  • High-quality standards
  • Capable of handling capacities in excess of 12,000 tph 
  • Insensitive to clay and other sticky materials 
  • Low headroom requirements 
  • Simple infrastructure requirements 

ABON® Low Speed Sizer — the sizer you can rely on

When it comes to the crushing and sizing material for your mining operation, you need equipment that you know you can rely on. ABON® Low Speed Sizer from FLSmidth, is exactly what you need.

Throughout the world, ABON® Low Speed Sizers have been commissioned in Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary applications across the minerals range, with installation in over 32 countries. For over 50 years our sustained and continued growth has stemmed from recognition and acceptance of our products by major resource companies and mining houses.

The ABON® Low Speed Sizer is designed to accept your feed material (either ROM or pre crushed) through the top of the crushing chamber, drawing it through the rotating shafts laced with teeth, crushing or sizing it to a specified product size.

ABON® can offer standard or custom designed models to suit your specific requirements, ranging from low, medium and high tonnage applications to in excess of 12,000 tph In Pit Crushing Systems.

The end result? A customised, effective sizing solution to revolutionise your business.

See the ABON® Low Speed Sizer in action

Our ABON® Sizer refines your sizing results while reducing your costs

High-quality standards
Designed and manufactured to high quality standards, the ABON® Sizer is durable, reliable and offers high availability.
Capable of handling capacities in excess of 12,000 tph
Our high-capacity ABON® Sizer allows you to process more material, more quickly, for improved operational efficiency.
Insensitive to clay and other sticky materials
You will not have to worry about sticky materials slowing your operation; the ABON® Sizer will continue to function optimally.
Low headroom requirements
When space is an issue, it can be invaluable to have equipment that fits. The ABON® Sizer is designed not only with functionality in mind, but also available space.
Simple infrastructure requirements
Due to minimal dynamic loads placed on the supports and structure, our ABON® Sizer is capable of operating without complex infrastructure requirements.

Sizing solutions customised to your operations — ABON® Sizer

ABON® Low Speed Sizing utilises a combination of low roll speed, high torque and our unique tooth profiles to produce a specified product to fit your needs. 

The ABON® Sizer features

  • Low roll speeds maximise wear life of consumable elements due to positive bite and minimal feed slip
  • Sizing teeth are designed to slide into machined slots in the shaft, without the need to remove the shafts from the main frame
  • Low roll speeds generate a minimum of fines, dust and dynamic loads
  • Actual rotating tip speed of the tooth or sizing element in an ABON® Sizer can be as low as 0.8 m per sec (primary applications) and up to 1.8 m per sec (tertiary & quaternary applications)
  • Over 50 years of continuing research and development of our unique tooth profiles and materials enhance productivity and reduce costs for our customers


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