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High reliability, optimal design and improved energy efficiency

Your calcination and other incineration processes are an essential part of your business. Unfortunately, these processes may also be prohibitively energy expensive and environmentally hazardous. Waste gases carrying unburned hydrocarbons and other harmful emissions carry away heat energy, reducing incinerator effectiveness and increasing operational costs.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Taking incinerator technology back to the drawing board, we’ve developed energy efficient, low emission incinerator options for your full range of applications. Our stationary incinerators recycle and reburn exhaust gas, increasing energy efficiency and cutting down on emissions in the process.

In our Stationary Incinerators, Ambient air mixed with rotary kiln exhaust gases. The oxygen in the air oxidises carbon monoxide, unburnt hydrocarbons and the carbon in the solid particulate matter in the kiln exhaust gases, producing additional energy for use in a downstream Waste Heat Boiler. Our Stationary Incinerator solutions are well suited for any Rotary Kiln exhaust gas stream with high amounts of CO, unburned hydrocarbons and/or carbonaceous solid particulate matter.

Additionally, our durable designs and high-quality parts ensure that our stationary incinerators operate longer without need for repair or replacement, and requiring only minimum maintenance. Couple this with effective safety features, and you have calcination solutions that are designed to protect not only the environment and your bottom line, but also the people who power your business. 

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