Key Benefits

  • Efficient processing
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Versatile
  • Low maintenance

Rotary cooling equipment that is durable and thermally efficient

Having a rotary cooler that can offer efficient cooling solutions and can accommodate a large variety of materials is vital to achieving thermal efficiency and product temperature control at your plant. However, difficulties with temperature control and poor heat recovery, combined with constant maintenance and longevity issues, makes efficiency very hard to come by.

This is why we have designed a direct rotary cooler that can provide a processing experience that is like no other available on the market. Very similar to a rotary dryer, it lifts and drops the material through a stream of ambient or chilled air, using a counter-current flow to quickly and evenly cool the product. The cooler can be applied in any application where a hot product is generated by a pyro processing system and requires cooling before it is safe to handle.


This equipment is capable of cooling products from >1200°C to temperatures as low as 70°C and can be used to cool virtually any hot granular material. 

These materials can include:

  • Alumina
  • Spodumene
  • Phosphate
  • Lime
  • Aggregates
At FLSmidth, we have the process design expertise to properly size the cooler for optimum performance and allow it to interface correctly with upstream and downstream systems. This guarantees that, regardless of your circumstances, we can provide you with a rotary cooler that suits your needs and can effectively communicate with other pyro processing equipment, giving you the best chance possible to produce a high-quality product.

Benefits that offer an optimised method of material processing

Your plant can reap numerous benefits thanks to our direct rotary cooler. It offers a service that aims to optimise productivity and fuel consumption while giving you the flexibility to process whatever materials you specialise in.

Efficient processing

Our direct rotary cooler has been designed to work in a counter-current fashion, meaning that the material flows in the opposite direction to the air current. This provides a more efficient method of cooling than if one was to use a co-current method (which involves both the material and the air current flowing in the same direction), as the temperature can be reduced a lot quicker, leading to enhanced productivity at your plant.

Reduced fuel consumption

If the direct rotary cooler is used in conjunction with a rotary kiln, this means that any hot air generated during the cooling processing can be recovered as secondary combustion air, reducing the fuel consumption. This will aid you in both reducing operational costs and energy consumption.


Our direct rotary cooler can accommodate a wide range of particle sizes, materials, and large agglomerates/coatings that may be discharged from the pyro system. Also, in cases where the material exceeds the designed temperature limit, a refractory lining can be installed in front of the rotary drum to handle the hot material until it has been cooled to the correct temperature.

Low maintenance
The equipment has been designed to be long-lasting, meaning that issues with corrosion are avoided. It also comes with numerous support components, to help keep maintenance to a minimum. 

Processing equipment that has safety and durability in mind

The features available with our direct rotary cooler promise to provide you with the tools you need to boost your material processing experience.

Robust shell

The direct rotary cooler is built from heavy-duty stainless and carbon steel. It is designed to be resistant against chemical breakdown and erosion and requires minimal maintenance, resulting in a long service life. FLSmidth will make sure to provide you with a standard maintenance schedule upon installation of the equipment.


Emission prevention equipment

With sustainability in mind, our rotary cooler comes with inlet and discharge hoods that have been provided with the proper sealing between the hoods and rotary shell, which are designed to prevent dust emissions and undesirable air ingress.


Effective rotary cylinder

The internals of the rotary cooler have been designed to promote effective heat exchange between the material and the air, cooling the material evenly. The rotating speed can be adjusted to control the material residence time, resulting in maximised cooling. Water sprayers can also be installed into the cylinder to help maintain a specific product discharge temperature.


The cooler comes with guarding around all high-speed rotating equipment and pinch-points, in order to prevent injury. There is also an auxiliary backup drive available to allow for continued rotation in the event of a power outage.


Refractory lining

A refractory lining is available to protect the rotary shell from materials exceeding standard temperatures, allowing you to process materials without concerns.

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