Key Benefits

  • Smaller footprint
  • Flexible operating fuels
  • Cost-effective
  • No moving components
  • One source supplier

Our calciner aims to offer a more productive experience

At FLSmidth, we understand how important it is to have a gas suspension calcination system that provides optimal performance while also being able to maintain economic benefits. That’s why we offer you our Gas Suspension Calciner, a system designed to be affordable and provide the most productive experience available.

As a world leader in gas suspension technologies, we have been supplying these systems since the 1970s. They are responsible for processing fine materials, such as potash, phosphate, limestone fines, alumina, trona, clays, talc and other mineral products. We have designed units that have a processing capacity between one tonne per hour and 800 tonnes per hour, making them highly desirable pieces of machinery.


They are stationary vessels with few moving parts, no rotating grid plates, and a simple PID control of the fuel. In this particular system, fuel is combusted in an external air heater, and fine ore is made sure to be in direct contact with hot gases produced by it. The material is immediately incorporated in the hot gases and dried in seconds. Dry ore and spent gas are then separated in a cyclone, which results in the refined product.


The system has many parameters that can be modified, depending on the type of material being processed. This includes the control of calciner temperature and atmosphere. You can also customise the number of stages the system goes through, based on the materials being processed, process requirements, thermal and system efficiency optimisation and capacity. Cooling stages can also be incorporated to maximise heat recovery and limit downstream cooling requirements.


With years of experience behind us, we aim to deliver a product that improves the performance of your plant. We offer you a complete system, designed to make your job more manageable overall.

A calciner that promises affordability and a smaller footprint

There are many advantages to investing in our Gas Suspension Calciner. Not only is our system economically beneficial but is known to be compatible with alternative fuels and requires little maintenance, making it an ideal product.

Smaller footprint

The Gas suspension system is created with a series of vertical ducts and cyclones that offers a much smaller footprint than standard Kiln and Cooler systems.

Flexible operating fuels

Our Gas Suspension Calciner is flexible when it comes down to what fuels can be used with it. It works successfully with fuels including natural gas, fuel oil, coal, petroleum coke, low heating value gases and alternate fuels. This means that you are able to use fuels that are more environmentally friendly.


The cyclones used within our Gas Suspension Calciner have low-pressure drop rates. This means that the consumption of fuel and power is lowered, effectively reducing operation costs.

No moving components

The calciner has been designed with very few moving parts and no rotating grid plate or nozzle. This results in minimal wear-and-tear and leads to limited maintenance requirements.

One source supplier
At FLSmidth, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of complete systems. This is no different with our gas suspension calcination systems, as we can offer all the equipment you need to successfully process materials, without needing to go anywhere else for parts or machinery.

Features that cultivate simplicity with heating through gas to material heat transfer technology

We have designed our Gas Suspension Calciner to offer a more straightforward way to process fine materials. From features that ensure uncomplicated operation to features that have minimal floor space requirements, our system aims to make calcination a lot easier.

Uncomplicated operation

Our Gas Suspension Calciner comes with PID fuel control, making it easy to monitor and modify operations. It is also capable of fast start-up and shut down, saving both time and power.


Vertical cylinder

The calciner system is a group of vertical cylinders and cyclones that remains stationary throughout the process. This means that it doesn’t require an extensive amount of floor space, allowing it to slot nicely into existing plants.


Gas to material heat exchanger

In our Gas Suspension Calciner, we use cross current gas to material heat transfer with cyclones to separate gas from dry ore. This is a more economically sound way of separating the materials from gas, as it requires minimal power to function.

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