Key Benefits

  • Better performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Customisable
  • Minimal operational costs

A cooling system that optimises productivity at your plant

At FLSmidth, we recognise how essential it is to have a fluidised cooling system that achieves efficient material processing. Because of this, we have designed the Fluxo Cooler, a material processing system in which fluidised-bed technology is used to provide adequate cooling solutions.

The primary method of cooling utilised by our Fluxo Cooler is via direct air, which is chilled and passed through the solid, thus cooling it. It is capable of processing numerous fine materials with particle sizes ranging from 10 microns up to 6 mm.

Some of the materials it can process include:

  • Alumina
  • Zircon
  • Clay catalyst
  • Phosphate materials
  • Soda ash
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Organic crystal
  • Synthetic resin
  • Limestone filler
  • Flux

The Fluxo Cooler is a stationary vessel, with the only moving parts in the entire system being fans and blowers, which circulate the clean air being passed through the system. The moving parts are also used to reduce the risk of air exchange zones shortcircuiting, via stimulating plug flow, which results in the equipment being more dependable


This product stands out in comparison to others available on the market, as it has been designed so that the fluidisation process and the cooling process are separated. This means that the consistent fluidisation velocity is being maintained via indirect means of passing chilled air through the cooling plates that are submerged in the fluidised bed of material. This leads to a gentle means of cooling that can also support high rates of air exchange.


As it also offers even more amazing features and advantages – including security, productivity, and profitability advantages – you can’t go wrong with our Fluxo Cooler.

The Fluxo Cooler offers versatility without compromising on quality

Problems that you often face with other cooling products are settled with our Fluxo Cooler. It aims to dependably address your needs and offers better execution over similar products on the market.

Better performance

The Fluxo Cooler has been engineered to execute cooling consistently and without fail. This is on the grounds that the fluidisation process is isolated from the cooling process. This means that a steady fluidisation speed can be kept up, achieving better performance overall.

Low maintenance

Our Fluxo Cooler internal coils and plates are made of tempered steel. Combined with its durable stationary structure, it is highly resistant to general wear-and-tear, resulting in a longer lifespan.


The Fluxo Cooler is capable of handling several applications and can be configured depending on the needs of your refinery. It can also process a diverse range of materials, which includes coarse powders that often can’t be processed by competing coolers.

Minimal operational costs
The Fluxo Cooler has few operational expenses. This is due to its low need for maintenance and its ability to run effectively with minimal supervision. 

Features for improved performance

FLSmidth’s Fluxo Cooler offers versatility, with features that aim to improve your refinery’s cooling process. Unlike other products available, we guarantee that these features will optimise performance at your facility.

Gentle fluidisation

The Fluxo Cooler achieves a delicate form of fluidisation. This allows it to process fine, grating materials without causing extreme wear.


Internal pipes

Internal pipes and plates are primary components of the cooling process. Utilising these leads to a reduced need for dust collection equipment and lower consumption of inert gas. The pipes are also designed for high-pressure environments as per ASME requirements, promising safety at your plant.


Phenomenal material agitation

The Fluxo Cooler has been designed to evenly agitate materials. The phenomenal contact with pipe surfaces leads to improved chilling rates, resulting in a higher quality product at the end of the process.

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