Key Benefits

  • Adjustable
  • Cost-effective
  • Small space requirements

A fluidization cooler designed with ease of use in mind

Once the heating process is completed, it’s essential to have a machine that can viably cool your materials. At FLSmidth, because we comprehend this reality, we've built a fluidization cooler that intends to make the procedure significantly easier as well as less inexpensive.

Our Fluidized Bed Cooler is a material processing system fit for various applications, ordinarily including the chilling of materials. It can be used for an assortment of materials, for example, plastic resin, sulfonated polymer, potash, limestone screening, vermiculite, plastic flakes, potassium carbonate, coke, limestone filler, mineral concentrates, bentonite, and phosphate rock. It can process materials with a product size of around 1mm to 13mm.

The cooler comprises a fluidizing air fan, cyclone, dust-collecting hardware, vent fan, and associating ventilation hardware. A method of constant agitation and movement of solids is used to enable the equipment to handle temperature-sensitive materials, as well as to provide reliable execution of material cooling.

The Fluidized Bed Cooler is more cost-effective and space-efficient than a rotary cooling system. It can also handle materials that other coolers can’t, as well as larger quantities. It fosters a controlled, delicate cooling process without as much upkeep or unnecessary cost.

Our Fluidized Bed Cooler provides a unique experience that rivals anything else available. It’s a cooling system that has been designed to meet your needs

A machine that offers flexibility and profitability

Our Fluidized Bed Cooler has numerous benefits to offer you. It is a product that has been designed to be adjustable, affordable, and has minimal space requirements, all of which help to make your job so much easier. 

The Fluidized Bed Cooler stands on years of experience and material testing. At FLSmidth, we understand that no material is the same, and therefore the design of the cooler is customisable to meet your specific needs and conditions. The variables that can be modified include fluidization velocity, residence time, and operating temperature.
Because of its high quality and high cooling effectiveness, the Fluidized Bed Cooler requires little upkeep. It is also capable of running without much personnel involvement. These factors lead to more profitability and reduced costs in the long run. 
Small space requirements
As it is a machine that is stationary and stands vertically, the Fluidized Bed Cooler doesn't require much floor space. The segments included with the cooler can be modified, meaning that this product can be made to suit any current plant.

Features designed to reduce wear, enhance safety, and increase value

The features available with our Fluidized Bed Cooler are what makes this product worth the money you spend on it – both short-term and long-term. It is a system that is conveniently small and of excellent quality, and its numerous attributes aim to simplify and optimise the cooling process.

Stationary vessel


Our cooler has been designed to have few moving parts. This results in the equipment being less vulnerable to wear, lowering maintenance costs.


Safety precautions


At FLSmidth, it has always been important that our products meet the requirements of your local safety codes. This is no different with the Fluidized Bed Cooler. With our coolers comes process safety interlocking for control system integration to protect your workers and the equipment.


Configurable parts


Our Fluidized Bed Cooler is easy to adapt to your needs. Its parts are simple to replace and change to accommodate the shape of your circuit. 

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