Commodity  Gold
 Technology  E-DUC® Dilution and E-Volute™ Feedwell Systems 
 Application  Tailings Thickener Upgrade 
 Study type Customer Story
 Country  Australia

To achieve the mine’s objectives, we installed an E-DUC® autodilution and E-Volute™ feedwell system on the tailings thickener. The results included: 


  • An increase in tailings thickener underflow density from 35% to 50% solids (w/w). 
  • A 46% reduction in water going to tailings. 
  • A 40% reduction in flocculant consumption on a gram/tonne basis.
  • Significant savings in cyanide lost to tailings. 
  • A reduction in pumping and energy costs. 

The upgrade also cut particulate content in the recovered process water. This reduced the amount of scale inhibitor required for water treatment by 35%. Cleaner process water also helps maximise gold recovery in the Knelson concentrator by reducing the risk of blockages in the concentrator capillaries. 

The overall result is a more cost-effective and sustainable gold recovery process. The mine now uses about 80% recycled water in its process, with fresh water draw restricted to a minimum, while at the same time delivering substantial process improvements.


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