New technology and proven equipment for gold mining  

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Discover new solutions for extracting gold  

Are the grades declining in your gold reserve, and do you feel an increasing complexity in treating your deposits? In that case, you are not alone.

Rising wealth fosters demand for technology and luxury products securing a lasting demand for gold. However, if you want to run a sustainable business, you need a more economically viable mean of extracting gold from existing reserves as well as from refractory, low-grade ores. 

Reduce CAPEX
Faced with shorter mine life, you need to keep your capital investment at a minimum. A complete, integrated technology package is one way to do this, and in this field, we have proven ourselves as the preferred flowsheet provider for any type of ore. Our Knelson concentrators are so well-known for their efficiency that they have become synonymous with gravity gold recovery. With more than 50 installations worldwide ranging from 1 to 72 tonnes per day, our ADR plants are also known for their leading efficiency.
Discovering new ground

If you are looking to extract gold from refractory low-grade ores, we are introducing a game-changer to the entire gold mining industry.

Your reserves containing refractory gold considered below the cut-off grade are not considered reserves because the cost of extracting it using pressure oxidation and bioleaching is too high.

In the future, this is likely to change. We have developed Rapid Oxidative Leach (ROL), a pre-treatment process that has already generated interesting results in the copper industry and now has its own development track for refractory gold.

Your typical refractory ore contains tiny inclusions, or sub-microscopic gold, within a sulphide mineral matrix, requiring physical and chemical altering of the mineral matrix to liberate the gold for subsequent leaching. We see a great potential to unlock value in applying ROL to treat undeveloped gold deposits as it could make it feasible to extract gold from refractory low-grade ores.

Safe water management

Large gold deposits are becoming increasingly scarce, and new gold deposits are often found in remote areas and in fragile ecosystems. Tensions with local communities fearing contamination of water can make it time-consuming to obtain your license to operate.

Together with Goldcorp, we have developed EcoTails that blends filtered tailings with waste rock creating a high-density geotechnically stable product called GeoWaste. This makes dry-stacking possible even for large scale operations, and even in areas with high seismic activities. Furthermore, EcoTails enables recirculation of 90-95 per cent of your process water.

This saves you operational costs on your gold mine and reduces closure costs. It also makes it easier to obtain your social license to operate, as it reduces the risk of water contamination and tailings dam failure and thereby lessen your projects environmental impact.

Reducing flocculent consumption and improving operational performance 

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