Recently, one of our customers in New Mexico experienced a dragline breakdown. Wanting to resolve the situation as quickly as possible, they contacted Dave Eagan, our Director of Technical Support. What they needed was a replacement for a Center Pin (Journal) Bushing for a Marion® 8750M™ Dragline, and they needed it fast.

Our standard lead-time is 4-5 weeks, but the urgency of the situation suggested a more direct approach. Dave checked with the Q-ROC team, and rather than forcing the customer swallow a month’s worth of downtime, Dave was able to offer a 2-week turnaround. But that’s not the end of the story.

Dave received another call. The customer had measured the ID (inside diameter) of the housing that the bushing fits in, and discovered that they had an “out of round” condition. The customer wanted our recommendation for a proper finished size of both the OD (outside diameter) and the ID. Our engineering team made a recommendation and the customer conferred with the OEM and the rebuilder. They decided to modify the OD of the bushing to fit the out-of-round bore.

As the final size was being determined, the casting had been poured and engineering created a drawing that was ready for production. The bushing went through the machining process, passed inspection and was packed and shipped on its way to the anxious customer. Less than one week after confirming sizes and less than two weeks from the initial communication, the part arrived, ready for installation. Needless to say, the customer was extremely pleased.

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