Precise crushing, when you need a consistent, high-quality product

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Proven over 25 years, we have a crusher for your application

When it comes to crushing, you need speed and precision. You also need a crusher that is tough against wear and tear and suited for use with a broad range of raw materials – from ores to minerals, metallurgical samples, clinker, ceramics and more.


Our innovative crushers are robust and accurate. They deliver great value and a solid performance, without the fear of constant breakdowns. Plus, smart design and engineering have resulted in the easy replacement of wear parts, saving you time on routine maintenance.


Additionally, innovative technology allows our crushing equipment to reliably deliver consistent-sized product to drive your productivity.


Choose our crushing solutions and expect:


  • Powerful crushing capabilities
  • Good control of product sizing
  • Tried and tested high-volume processing
  • Safety-focused, easy-to-operate designs
  • Decreased downtime and maintenance costs
  • Flexibility of installation.


Our crushing equipment has proven to be dependable and safe and has powerful crushing capabilities across a wide range of applications and industries. Our range includes:


Jaw crushers – easy to maintain and repair, our hardwearing jaw crushers are ‘workhorses’ engineered to offer fast sample throughput with good reduction ratios. Choose from four models with feed sizes up to 85 mm, 110 mm, 170 mm and 250 mm.


Fine jaw crushers – suited to high-volume mineral laboratories, our fine jaw crushers are among the most productive on the market. We offer four models with feed sizes up to 50 mm, 80 mm, 90 mm and 110 mm.


Rolls crushers – the most uncomplicated and durable mid-range crushers available, our rolls crushers come with contra-rotating rolls to produce material with a tight size envelope containing a minimum of fines. We have two rolls crushers in our range – choose our compact crusher with 2 x 200 mm rolls or our larger more powerful crusher with 2 x 35 mm rolls. 


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