Key Benefits

  • High reliability
  • Low water consumption
  • Dust- and vapour-free

Submerged scraper chain conveyors and drag chain conveyors for ash and slag transport

Submerged Scraper Chain Conveyors are designed for extinguishing, cooling and dust-proof conveying of ash, slag and other combustion residues. Their gas-tight design prevents the escape of vapours and dust, and at the same time, they effectively inhibit the inflow of outside air, which can adversely affect combustion processes.

Featuring a water-filled conveyor compartment, the material enters the enclosed trough, where it is extinguished, cooled and transported via drag chain conveyor for fully dust- and vapour-proof handling. The submerged scraper conveyors are suitable for swimming materials (upper-strand conveying) and sinking materials (lower-strand conveying).


Due to their self-supporting structure our SSCCs can easily be integrated into existing installations, requiring minimum space.

Safe and reliable handling of combustible material

High reliability
Our Submerged Scraper Chain Conveyor systems reliably operate unattended up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Steady-speed operation reduces wear.
Low water consumption
The conveyor inclines as it exits the trough, helping to dewater the material and allowing for water reuse.
Dust- and vapour-free
The gas-tight design prevents the escape of vapours and dust and at the same time effectively inhibits the inflow of outside air which might adversely affect the combustion process, thus ensuring the reliable continuous operation of the boilers.

Submerged scraper chain conveyor and drag chain conveyors - built for reliable service life

Built with our renowned Drag Chain Conveyors, we utilise our Type V vertical arrangement, which allows conveying up steep inclines (normal operation is at 45°). Our SSCCs are dust-proof, watertight and pressure-tight.

As the heart of the SSCC, our Drag Chain Conveyor features drop-forged links with the welding lug integrated into the forged piece. We weld the flights to the lug by means of a special flash-butt welding process, which protects the flights from breaking off. The functionality and tensile strength of the conveyor chains ensure high availability and a long service life. Flights are available in a wide range of designs to suit your specific material and application.


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