High production mills that don’t compromise on safety and quality

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Quality grinding options that are cost-effective and low maintenance

We know that in industries where accuracy and precision are essential in sample preparation, you need the highest quality equipment so that contamination is minimised. That is why we offer a range of pulverising equipment and bowls which are hard to beat when it comes to quality performance and reliability of results.


Automated and manual pulverising mill configurations are available and operate as a standalone machine or as part of a robotic cell. You can rest easy knowing that our state-of-the-art technology means samples can be prepared rapidly in an environment where cleanliness and efficiency are top priorities.


Mills need to be easy to operate and always keep worker safety top of the list of features. You can tick those off the list with the Essa and QCX mill range.


Essa Pulverising Mills

Essa Pulverising Mills have been reliably grinding mineral samples 24/7/365 since the 1980s. They are used on mine sites, exploration camps and in commercial and research laboratories around the world.


Over the years, hundreds of the bulletproof LM2 and LM5 mills have pulverised many millions of samples. You can trust our vast experience and knowhow.


A big plus on some of the mills is the automatic functioning, which leaves operators free to perform other laboratory tasks


All mills in the range are proven performers with long lifespans, meaning a better bottom line for you.


Essa Pulverising Mill Bowls

The bowl of choice of the world’s leading assay labs, our range of high-capacity genuine Essa bowls utilise a unique bowl-and-disc style grinding head. They have a very long life thanks to their through-hardened steel construction. They were first delivered to the market over 30 years ago and have continually proven to be strong and reliable.


The bowls also offer improved sample quality. A certified laboratory tests every batch of steel used in the manufacturing process. This minimises the risk of unexpected contamination and improves the certainty of your final analysis.


QCX PAL Pulverising Mill

The QCX Pulverising Mill is a manual ring mill used extensively for x-ray fluorescence (XRF) and x-ray diffraction (XRD) sample preparation in the cement industry. It is dependable and suited to very fine pulverising, handling clinker, minerals, slag, ores, and raw materials.


QCX Centaurus Combined Mill and Press

The QCX Centaurus is an all-in-one automated solution that both grinds and presses samples for x-ray analysis. It consists of an automatic fine grinding mill and an automatic pelletising press in a compact, easy-to-operate unit.


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