Key Benefits

  • Durable
  • Safe
  • High recovery

Superior shaking tables for final stages of gravity concentration

Within the gravity concentration circuit, upgrading of concentrates is critical to the success of your project. Our shaking tables are used in the final stages of gravity concentration achieving not only maximum metals recovery, but also the highest grade concentrates possible.

Our MT3500 Mineral Table and ATS3500 Automated Table System are gravity separation machines designed with quality, safety, and performance in mind. They are utilised to separate dense material, such as gold, platinum, and other precious metals, from less dense gangue materials. They are complete package units provided with all necessary process and control equipment to upgrade the Knelson concentrate.


The MT3500 is provided with a variable frequency drive that provides additional flexibility in setting up the ideal operation mode for each application. Separation is achieved by a combination of strike-oscillations directed down the length of the table and a perpendicular crossflow of dressing water that carries lighter materials to the edges of the table.


The ATS3500 Automated Table System is provided with a vibrating screen which receives and screens the concentrate feed continuously. The screen undersize is discharged by gravity into an agitated tank and elevated by a screw conveyor in a controlled manner to the concentrating table’s feed tank. The tabled material undergoes a magnetic separation while being concentrated. The final table concentrate is then discharged into a secure lockbox while the middling are re-circulated to the agitated tank to be processed again.


Both systems are easy to operate and can be tailored to your plant's needs, making the overall gravity concentration process a lot simpler and efficient.

Robust shaking tables - quality and recovery

At FLSmidth, the performance, safety, and quality of our products is paramount. These standards are reflected in our shaking tables, built to last, to be safe, and to provide you with the best recovery possible.

Unlike competing shaking tables, our units have been designed with a superior abrasion-resistant surface, meaning that they have enhanced particle mobility and are less likely to have problems with general wear-and-tear. They also have an inline dressing water spin filter, which protects against dressing water nozzle obstruction. Therefore, the maintenance needs of the equipment are minimised. 
Tabling systems have been criticised in the past for their lack of safety. However, with our shaking tables, we have kept safety at the forefront of our minds. Not only do we offer an automated tabling system that requires minimal direct contact from workers, but our non-automated variant has been engineered to be easily accessible, eliminating the need for workers to reach across an active table to manipulate valves.
High recovery
Our shaking tables have a recovery rate of up to 90%. This is due to the concentrate capture zone being far larger than any other similar device available, ranking them amongst the most effective on the market.

Shaking tables that offer versatility and productivity

Our shaking tables have several desirable features, all of which are intended to enhance the product. We make sure to not only offer products that are different from our competitors but also superior.

Large concentrate capture zone

Our shaking table systems have the largest available surface area for concentrate capture on the market. This means out of all the shaking tables available, you’ll get the greatest yield from using ours.


Optional overhead magnetic separator

With their flat profile design, an optional overhead magnetic separator can be used with our shaking tables for the removal of magnetics such as ball mill filings and other ferrous material. Due to this flat design, a minimised offset between the tabling surface and the magnetic separator occurs, improving the recovery of magnetic materials.


Automated system available

We offer a variant of the tabling system that is automated, meaning that it continues to process concentrate without operator interference. The machine comes with an MCC/control panel that provides control for all system motors, as well as a PLC based automated control for the system’s base functions, which can be changed to best fit the needs of the particular feed it’s processing.


Flexible technology

Our shaking tables come pre-designed to integrate equipment that can be used to enhance their potential, and also have parts that are easy to replace. Sizing can also be adjusted, making the machinery versatile and interchangeable.

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