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Advanced technology for consistent preparation of pressed pellets


We know that dependable analysis relies on consistent sample preparation. Whatever your requirements, our range of pressing units control sample quality to give you representative, repeatable samples and precise analysis.


All our units are easy and safe to use, and especially designed to improve efficiency in your laboratory. Whether you select a manual or fully automatic press, you will find the digital controls and touch screens make it simple to run.


These high-output machines feature a range of automated functions that cut back on time-consuming manual tasks, leaving your laboratory personnel free to perform more meaningful work.


The safety of your workers is a priority for you, and for us, too. Our innovative presses are fitted with safety features like auto-stop mechanisms, and protective shields to prevent injury from debris. Good, ergonomic design is at the heart of what we do so you can focus on results, safe in the knowledge that the comfort and wellbeing of your staff is in hand.


With our pellet presses you can expect:


  • Repeatable, reliable sample pressing
  • Reduced risk of human error
  • Maximum efficiency in your laboratory
  • Features to keep your operators safe from harm
  • Easy programming
  • Simple maintenance.


Our range of pellet presses includes:


  • XRF presses – efficiently process different sample materials, and reliably produce quality sample pellets for XRF analysis with our range of XRF presses. With compact and bench-mounted options, through to free-standing and robot-ready presses, you can be assured that we have something to suit your setting, and can help you to decide which one is right for you.


  • QCX presses – press samples easily and efficiently with our range of QCX presses. Choose our patented soft-press technology, which minimises the preferred orientation of mineral phases and the analytical bias this can cause. Or opt for a combined mill and press to make sample preparation easy, or our dependable manual workhorse.  


Enhanced sample preparation

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