Support of the continuous open-pit mining process

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Options for improvement in continuous surface mining

Our Bucket-Wheel Excavators are designed to continuously strip overburden and mine coal, lignite and various soft minerals. Controlled by state-of-the art PLC systems with extensive automation possibilities, these machines offer ergonomic, user-friendly interfaces for operator comfort, quick familiarisation and sustained high productivity. Since they are of modular construction and custom-built, our bucket wheel excavators are easy to optimise for different applications.

Once mined, the overburden or other material, such as lignite, is then transported from the pit on conveyors. Overburden material may also dumped on the other side of the pit across from the mine face.

Around-the-pit system

In this technique, the Bucket-Wheel Excavator discharges overburden into the receiving chute of a hopper car via an installed conveyor system or a beltwagon. A conveyor system transfers the material around the pit to a crawler-mounted spreader, which discharges the waste material in the dumping area. Because each mine operation is unique, our engineering and mining experts design the correct system for each specific operation.

Benefits of around-the-pit systems:

  • Adapt to different mining and deposit conditions
  • Accommodate long distances between mines and dump areas
Cross-pit system

In this specialised system, the excavator extracts overburden material and feeds it via conveyors to a spreader. The spreader conveys the waste material directly across the open pit and onto the developing dumping area. 


Benefits of cross-pit systems: 

  • Shortest distance and time to convey the material 
  • Ability to economically mine deeper reserves
  • Adaptable for specific geographical conditions at the dump site

We apply our expertise in mining and automation technologies to help you best utilise your assets. Our engineering and mining experts will design the correct system for your mine. Excavation, transportation, sizing, stockyard storing, homogenisation and reclamation are all part of the mining processes we support. We also upgrade and modernise systems and supply a comprehensive range of quality components and spare parts.

As a single technology provider of full flowsheet technology to the mining industry, we have the ability to deliver fast start-up and reliable operations.

Turn to us for:

  • Proactive technical support
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Higher reliability and safety (fewer unscheduled stops) 
  • Increased availability (less downtime)
  • Better service and parts forecasting
  • Reduced manpower requirements 
  • Extended equipment lifetime

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