High-frequency bead fusion systems guaranteed to perform in your laboratory

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Advanced bead fusion technology for effortless and error-free analysis

When it comes to bead fusion, you need a system you can rely on for its high productivity and accuracy. Fast heating times, reproducibility and operator safety are also essential, as is minimal downtime and affordability.


Our systems have been developed after years of experience in the industry, to ensure they deliver all these things and achieve outstanding results for your laboratory.


Robust and designed for demanding tasks, they come in a range of different sizes and with different heating technologies, which means we have a system to suit every setting and every application. Safety features keep operators safe, smart technology delivers heating efficiencies and precision that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.


Our bead fusion systems are suited to a wide range of applications and offer:


  • State-of-the-art heating technology
  • Rapid processing and improved productivity
  • Accurate measurement of raw materials
  • Easy program and parameter selection
  • Precise temperature control
  • Reduced exposure for operators to hazardous materials
  • Optional customisation to suit your setting.


For laboratories large and small, and where the demand for fused beads is high, we have a bead fusion system to suit your laboratory requirements. Our range includes:


  • QCX Dosing, Cleaning and Fusing Units – precise dosing to ensure accuracy and reproducibility is what you get from these units. Additionally, their automated capabilities ensure the process is efficient, fusion occurs with speed, and cleaning takes place without human intervention to improve bead quality and minimise the risk of cross contamination.


  • Resistance-heated fusion devices – with the ability to heat to high temperatures within short periods of time using smart resistance heating technology, these devices support the fast and accurate preparation of glass beads for XRF analysis. Easy-to-use interfaces and semi-automatic functions further support fast processing.


  • Induction-heated fusion devices – these hardworking devices are robust and compact, offering flexibility when it comes to their set-up. The induction heating is precisely controlled, and safety features ensure operators are well protected. High temperatures are reached within a very short period to ensure fast sample processing.


  • Combined induction-heated fusion systems – these systems are favoured for their ability to combine multiple functions into the one compact machine. They can also be customised to suit your needs – from the size of input magazines to platinum crucibles, additional heating modules and optional thermogravimetric capabilities – the choice is yours.  



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