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Boost the competitive edge of your coal mine  

To keep your coal mine competitive, your number one priority is to avoid unplanned stops and keep your plant running longer hours without maintenance. This helps minimise your operational costs, and for that you need equipment second to none in endurability.

The combination of reliable equipment and the latest technology lets you monitor wear and tear of your equipment, even from a remote location. This allows for predictive and prescriptive maintenance and helps you avoid costly unplanned stops.

Higher carbon content

Endurable equipment doesn’t minimise your operational costs unless it is also efficient and produces a high tonnage of high carbon content. To remove sulphur, sand, rock and other contaminators and provide you with a product with high carbon content, we have the most efficient equipment in the industry.

For coal mining we cover the entire flowsheet, and more than a century of experience enables our experts to optimise your equipment. We have you covered in every step of the process and depending on the condition of your product, you get not only the right equipment, but also get it commissioned to work perfectly for your site. And when maintenance is needed, you can rely on our service people to be available and show up on site.

Reduce complexity

Whether you are starting a new facility or upgrading your existing one, our experience and range of equipment reduces the complexity. From sizers and conveyors to loading equipment and tailings dewatering circuits we cover the full flowsheet through the entire lifecycle. To provide you with the best available solutions, our engineers use the most current resources, training and software – bringing the advantages of digitalisation to the coal industry. 

Proven solutions

You are not alone in looking to improve quality and throughput in your coal mine while keeping costs down. In terms of endurable equipment, one of our customers in the US was only getting three to six months life out of a dense medium cyclone. Our replacement lasted three years.

In Australia, another customers was struggling to recover some very fine coal. The existing equipment was doing a poor job, but just by adding a WEMCO® flotation unit, we realised a much higher throughput. This goes to show that efficiency is often just a matter of discovering the possibilities. And you can be sure that our experienced engineers will always help you discover the possibilities at your coal mine.

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