In this video, Joe Dziedzina, Global Product Manager, HPGR, explains the technology behind two of our dry-grinding tools, and how the efficiency of these machines helps to reduce energy consumption.

Efficiency in technology 

FLSmidth has several types of static and dynamic air classifiers that steepen the product curve and help to reduce or eliminate ultra-fines that could be problematic downstream. This can help with both mineral recovery and dewatering processes. 


Vertical roller mill (VRM) and high pressure grinding roll (HPGR) technologies are highly efficient grinding tools capable of producing a fine product size that can reduce, or eliminate, the need for grinding media.


“Currently, our vertical roller mill technology lies in the cement group as almost all of our applications are cement or cement-based opportunities. We are looking to migrate this machine into mining — specifically our OK™ Mill which we believe is the best of the vertical roller mills available today,” says Joe.

53% of a mine's energy is associated with crushing and grinding.

0.2% of global electricity is consumed by comminution of gold and copper

If mines transferred to a more efficient dry grinding circuit, they could save between 20-30% energy consumption in the milling section, compared to a traditional wet milling circuit.

Lucy EnglandInnovation Manager, FLSmidth

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