The best drive comes from progress

Continuous performance, coupled with high precision and reliability express the uniqueness of MAAG® gear units. In addition, modular solutions and a compact design mean MAAG gear units are easy to transport, install, operate and maintain. Each unit is specially manufactured to the client’s specifications.


Since introducing the technology of planetary gear units to the cement industry with great success in 1966, we have sold over 6000 MAAG gear units and 1000 girth gears.


The MAAG product range includes various heavy-duty gear units for all types of mills and kilns, gear solutions for bucket-wheel excavators and belt conveyors, and many other heavy-duty applications. We also manufacture components such as bevel sets and girth gears up to 11.2 m diameter, and various spare parts.


Driving value and industries

Our production sites in Italy, Poland and India feature the latest in machinery, including hobbing, grinding, shaping and milling cutter machines for spur, helical and bevel gears, large assembly space and a test bench. State-of-the-art measuring devices complete our production systems. In our high-tech heat treatment department, we nitride and quench the toothing of our geared components for heavy-duty purposes.


Our product methods are state-of-the-art and we achieve outstanding high gearing quality. This has a direct influence on the efficiency and longevity of our gear units and drive systems. From single geared components up to complete drive systems with motor and power supply, we supply the best solution for our customers.


With online condition monitoring services and the corresponding data analysis, we offer service agreements including preventive maintenance, repair service trainings, overhauls and replacement of existing gear units. We also support our customers during the operating life cycle of their gear units and drive systems.

At FLSmidth Gear Systems MAAG® we are running an EU project that entails new machines, test stands and various improvements, which is partly funded by the EU. Read more about the project here (available in English and Polish).

A brief history of MAAG®

For more than a century, we have maintained a distinct sense of precision in gear technology. Today, we still employ the method founder Max Maag developed for manufacturing gears of the highest quality in 1912, and for one simple reason: there’s no better way. In 1918, we developed the first industrial gear unit, which is a testament to our experience in gear unit design.

We offer the achievement potential, precision and reliability of our products in the form of modular solutions and with compact designs, allowing easy handling in transport, installation, operation and maintenance.

Today, the MAAG GEAR brand signifies a competence centre for gear units in the cement and minerals industry and for drive systems in horizontal and vertical mills, kilns, conveyor belts, bucket-wheel excavators and various single components.

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