The subject of the project is the construction of a new research and development infrastructure by FLSmidth MAAG Gear Sp. z o. o. the purpose of research and development projects that are rationalizing with high innovation potential. The investment means the creation of a new plant in the business activity in Elbląg for the implementation of innovative projects and the diversification of production by offering new, significantly modified products.


The area of operation of the new organizational unit focused on conducting industrial research and development works are modern technologies in the area of designing and manufacturing large-size gears and slide bearings and gears subjected to specific loads resulting from the specificity of work (cement plants, mining industry, etc.).


In order to implement the project, the company intends to prepare for the needs of R & D centre an area of 250 m 2, which will be dedicated exclusively to conducting research and development activities. As part of the investment, new fixed assets will be purchased in the form of necessary research and laboratory equipment as well as intangible assets in the form of software necessary for R & D activity. The cost of the project is also the operating costs of the research activity - the costs of purchasing materials and products directly related to the implementation of the project under the de minimis aid. The project was implemented for 2017-2018 (12 months).


Thanks to the investment, the company will achieve an added value in the form of a modern and optimal research infrastructure necessary for further plans related to the development of the company's production and innovative activities.



The implementation of the project will lead to the creation of a new plant in the company - Research and Development Center, diversification of the company's operational activity, creation of 5 new positions of R & D staff, creation of new products and technologies competitive in price and quality, establishing permanent cooperation with scientific units, professional activation of people with higher education, elimination of barriers to access to new jobs. The project will have a positive impact on the policy of sustainable development because the products created under the research agenda will be characterized by the highest technical and environmental standards, and the research process will be based on technology and principles of rapid and waste-free modelling and prototyping (Rapid Prototyping). The project will result in a significant increase in research spending in the company.

The project is directly related to KIS (Domestic Intelligent Specialization) number 10 - Modern technologies of acquiring, processing and using natural resources and manufacturing their substitutes and is part of the main objective of the POIR (Intelligent Development Operational Program) and realizes its main motto: "from the idea to the market".