Process insight you can trust

What do you need from your gas analysis solution? Accuracy. Reliability. Easy operation. Even easier maintenance. You want data you can rely on. Emissions reporting that your local authority can trust.


We understand. We have a background in cement and minerals that stretches back more than 130 years. We don’t just supply plants – we operate them. We know the frustrations of a probe that clogs the minute the process becomes unstable, or of discovering a blank hole in your emissions data with no warning that anything is wrong.
All of this insight goes into developing and choosing the gas analysis systems and emissions monitoring solutions you need for your operation.  


Reliable solutions for your exact needs

We don’t make our own gas analysers, which leaves us free to choose the very best solution for your application. We do make patented KilnLoq probes for the kiln and we’re happy to tell you that these have become the preferred solution of the cement industry. Filter protection is also our concern, and we make silo/filter probes to help keep it – and you – safe.
Our GASloq analysis systems offer easy installation, easy operation and outstanding reliability – with a Plug and Play option (the GASloq Cube), if preferred. Raw data is measured automatically and, using our ReportLoq environmental reporting system, that data is turned into meaningful reports that help you – and your local authority – monitor compliance.
No more patchy reporting, or complex calculations weighing down your system. Just solid technology that delivers on its promises.

Industry versatility

It’s not just gases we monitor, either. Dust, flow, temperature – all are covered by our range of solutions. And though our long history has traditionally been in the cement industry, today we also apply our expertise in many other industries. Any pyro process industry can make use of our reliable, accurate monitoring systems: lime, cement, iron ore, etc. Our solutions are also widely used in thermal power plants, district heating power plants, waste incineration plants, and other heavy industries.

A partner you can trust, with expertise to share

So why choose FLSmidth for your gas analysis and emissions monitoring requirements? We have the expertise to deliver what you need for your unique application. And that expertise is hard-wired into all of the solutions we offer.
Process gas analysis, emissions monitoring, safety and interlocking ESP and bag filter protection: in the many applications we’ve served in many different countries over the past many years, we’ve built up an incomparable knowledge base – and we apply every ounce of that knowledge when serving you. 
FLSmidth Airloq (also known as Gas Analysis Technology) is based in Mariager, Denmark. We carry out all the product development, testing and servicing there and at our office in Chennai, India. R&D is a really important part of what we do because although gas analysis equipment is not rocket science, and we are not looking to discover life on Mars, there is always more to learn about our industry and we will never stop trying to improve on our offering. 
We are a team of engineers. And engineers are innately curious beings. That means when you call us with a problem, you can be sure we won’t just patch you up and send you back to work – but what you can be sure of is that we will get you operational as soon as possible! We always want to get to the bottom of things. Why did the problem occur? What can we do to avoid it happening again? It’s not about selling equipment – it’s about optimising your process. 

What do you need?

No two processes are the same. Even if the equipment is identical, the raw material, the fuels, and the operators, are not. Budgets, priorities and market conditions also vary from one process to the next. That’s why we offer both standard and customised solutions. And we’ll always start with a dialogue about your needs. 
You don’t need to be operating a plant delivered by FLSmidth to make use of our expertise. There’s no such thing as a job too small. If all you need is a probe, that’s what we’ll deliver. Our equipment is compatible with all major suppliers. In fact, we source gas analysers from the best in the business – ABB, Siemens, Durag, Emerson, NEO Monitors, and others. When it comes to gas analysis and emissions monitoring, we don’t just offer products, we offer solutions. We’re interested in your challenges and we want to help you solve them. 

A history of intelligent engineering

FLSmidth Airloq has been in operation since the 1970s. Our Indian production, sales and services facilities have been running since 2012 and in that time, our worldwide presence has grown and grown. Today, we’re able to support our customers worldwide with regional sales and service facilities. And, of course, we can always draw on the wider range of expertise and solutions offered by the global FLSmidth group. 

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