Market leader with rotor weighfeeders 

PFISTER has established its name through a vast number of technical innovations for many applications and lines of business. PFISTER is an international leader in rotor weighfeeder technology for precise dosing of various materials.


One of the many advantages of this technology: The systems can be applied multifariously – in different lines of business and for various purposes. In cement manufacturing e.g. PFISTER technologies are useful in all stages of production: from the raw mill, the kiln plant to the finish mill and cement preloading.


Our diverse and unique product portfolio

The PFISTER product range consists of classical linear dosing systems consisting of belt weighfeeders as well as the famous rotor weighfeeders and measuring scales. The performance range of these technologically advanced systems spans from dosing of fine products such as cement, coal dust, alternative fuels, raw meal or fly ashes to dosing of coarse materials such as clinker, raw coal or additives.


Especially in the field of dosing alternative fuels such as fluff, plastic, RDF, animal meal, tetra pack, bio masses etc., the rotor weighfeeder finds a broad field of employment as a multi-fuel system. Whether the materials to be dosed are pulverised, flaky or fibrous: PFISTER dosing systems are adjusted individually to the needs of the customer and each individual application.


Behind all PFISTER products and solutions stand state-of-the-art, user-friendly PFISTER control electronics.


Many feeders from other manufacturers are based on a reactive control (follow-up), but PFISTER feeders utilise pro-active control.


In the pro-active rotor weighfeeder, the material mass is measured before it leaves the rotor weighfeeder. That means that the speed of the rotor is adjusted before the material is discharged into the system. The result is extremely high short and long-term accuracy.

Customer benefits delivered by PFISTER®

Outstanding reliability and long service life
  • Simple design with a minimal number of functional parts, easy maintenance
  • Slow-moving rotor, less wear
  • Material transported in rotor chambers, no material spillage
High short- and long term accuracy
  • Prospective control ProsCon®
  • Online calibration during operation if pre-hopper is equipped with load cells
  • Insensitive to pressure fluctuations in the process
Intuitive operator interface
  • The rotor weighfeeder is an advanced mechatronic system
  • Easy to operate
  • Flexible, reliable communication to the local plant control system
Instantaneously adjustable feed rate
  • High accuracy in a range from 10% - 100% of maximum feed rate
  • Feed rate can be adjusted promptly without loss of accuracy
  • Prospective control ProsCon® ensures virtually no reaction time to changes in feed rate

Thousands of PFISTER systems currently in operation worldwide require a global presence. We operate sales and service offices in each of our seven regions worldwide and in many individual countries.


Even long after the start-up of a PFISTER solution, you can rely on our experienced service technicians for first-class service. A 24-hour hotline and online trouble-shooting provide worldwide support.


Tel +49 821 7949 241



PFISTER not only keeps a large number of spare parts in stock – skilled spares specialists are available to assist you in optimising your own spare parts management. Our service is rounded off by a number of variable service contracts, which can be individually adapted to customer needs and requirements. We also offer customised in-house or on-site training.


Constant efforts in R&D are key to our success
In order to provide high-end dosing solutions to our customers now and in the future, PFISTER allocates substantial resources to research and development. For customers, applying PFISTER systems means an investment for the future: The systems enable optimal production and add to our customers’ competitive advantage. All relevant PFISTER products and systems are certified to ATEX, which provides the technical requirements to be applied to equipment intended for use in potentially explosive environments.


Certified quality
PFISTER Quality Management is certified to the ISO 9001 standard. PFISTER has established, documented and implemented a quality management system, which meets the requirements of the international ISO 9001 standard. The system is maintained and its efficiency improved on a regular basis.


Being ISO 9001 certified is a driver of customer satisfaction, because it verifies our compliance with specified requirements in all company processes, such as R&D, design and project management, including procurement of components, spare parts and services, as well as production and finance.


This internationally acknowledged quality standard covers all organisational processes and is supported by a professional IT system. 


PFISTER employees and management believe that commitment and active involvement is essential for the development and execution of an effective quality management system. This approach benefits our customers and the PFISTER organisation worldwide.

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A brief history of PFISTER®

PFISTER® is a brand with tradition. Developing and innovating weighing technologies has been its business from the very beginning.

“Ludwig Pfister Wag-Fabrik” (Ludwig Pfister Weighing Company) was founded in 1894 by blacksmith Ludwig Pfister. The company’s first products were scales used for a number of different industrial and agricultural applications.

To the present day, PFISTER are specialists in dosing technology and runs offices worldwide. PFISTER is still headquartered in Germany, including departments for research, development, engineering, assembly, sales, service and management.

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