A passion for cleaner solutions

Air pollution control solutions from FLSmidth AIRTECH are developed by our worldwide team of APC experts and engineers and tested at Dania, FLSmidth's industry-leading R&D Centre. Our cleaner technology delivers unmatched performance and reliability that enable our customers to meet the emissions targets of the future.
We are committed to understanding our customers' needs and do everything we can to exceed their expectations by providing the ideal solution to match individual requirements. Thanks to our long-term partnerships and know-how, we have built an unrivalled reputation for reliability, efficiency and support. This is the level of expertise we deliver throughout the entire lifecycle of our air pollution control equipment.
At FLSmidth AIRTECH, we know the importance of experience and always take something with us from one project to the next. Our extensive process knowledge and experience from a wide range of applications in both the cement and mining industries enable us to take on major challenges – and make major strides toward cleaner air.

Industry-leading innovation

FLSmidth AIRTECH leads the industry in research and development investment. We work hard to continuously meet and exceed local environmental regulations with the most cost effective solutions for specific customer needs.


Our R&D department develops new technologies and improve existing ones in collaboration with universities and customers around the world. This allows us to respond quickly to both customer requests and environmental legislation. To ensure long lifetime for parts and components and to keep costs of replacement parts to a minimum, we also conduct extensive stress and wear testing of our equipment.


life time of support

FLSmidth AIRTECH provides a broad range of services, from maintenance and training to spare parts acquisition and help with operations on site. We believe that the perfect project is built on a foundation of good relations.


Our services teams are committed to helping our customers maintain efficient plant operations throughout the lifetime of their equipment. With a combination of know-how and cost-effective customised solutions, we look at each case individually and find the best solutions for specific needs. Our approach is to work with our customers to develop a preventative maintenance program. This will increase the time between maintenance stoppages and reduce the frequency of purchasing replacement parts.


We provide expert advice through a unique global network of AIRTECH experts and local customer service contacts.In more and more countries, our customer service is based on an effective mix of highly experienced supervisors who know the importance of fast decisions,and expert local field engineers who can act on those decisions quickly. A growing number of local service teams worldwide enable us to respond rapidly when we are needed.



Since 2003, we have been the leading APC supplier worldwide, specialising in electrostatic precipitators.

At FLSmidth AIRTECH, we focus on reducing environmental impacts, and we feel strongly about the importance of making a difference for the future. We continuously develop new technologies, allowing us to offer the best APC solutions on the market. By primarily focusing on a few target areas, we have created a solid foundation for the future development of our company and for the solutions we offer to our customers – today and in the future.

We would be happy to help you find the right emissions control solution for your plant whether your need is new equipment, maintenance of existing installations, spare parts or training in how to operate efficient Air Pollution Control (APC) equipment.

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