Packing and dispatching powder and granulates

We deliver industry leading products and solutions for large cement plants and small dispatch terminals – from basic manual operations up to the highest level of automation. Our focus on accuracy, capacity and productivity in packaging and dispatching enable our customers to optimise the final element of their operations process.


Through fully-automated solutions for bagging, palletising, and truck and wagon loading, we help our customers run safe and cost effective operations.


Our main market is the cement industry, where we provide market-leading packing and logistics solutions for optimum productivity and safety. We also use the vast experience we have built up over more than half a century in the cement industry in adjacent industries, where we provide productivity solutions to businesses that rely on efficient operations for packing and dispatching of powder and granulated products.


Since 1969, the successful VENTOMATIC CARICAMAT® truck loader has been the preferred loading solution in several national markets, and to date, we have delivered more than 300 units to our customers.


Our diverse product range and services

We always focus on delivering an end-to-end solution to any given challenge. Our standardised and highly compatible products enable us to provide solutions for any purpose, regardless of scale. In order to extend the life cycles of all our products and solutions, we offer upgrade options to maximise durability, productivity and even automation.

We deliver solutions for many logistics challenges, our primary products and offerings being:

  • Silo extraction systems for cement
  • Rotary and inline packers for cement, building materials, fertilizers and chemicals
  • Filling concept based on impeller, fluidising or gravity according to product characteristics
  • Ultrasonic and mechanical bag sealing systems
  • Automatic bag applicators, suitable for paper or plastic bags, glued or stitched
  • Bag treating unit with dynamic check weighing system interlocked and interactive with the upstream packer
  • Automatic palletizers
  • Stretch wrapping, stretch hooding or pallet-less systems (hot or cold process)
  • Automatic truck loaders for bags (vacuum or mechanical concept)
  • Automatic truck and container loaders for stacks of bags
  • Big Bag filling unit
  • Semiautomatic truck and wagon loaders
  • Fully mechanised waggon-loading systems
  • Complete line supervision and monitoring systems


We constantly evolve to provide rational and technically updated solutions, requiring the fewest operators possible with a minimum of training to work in the safest conditions. We have established partnerships with some of our key cement customers for developing new products and new logistics solutions.


At VENTOMATIC, growth and development has always been driven by the need for or the anticipation of significant change occurring in the industries we work with. Through in-depth knowledge of cement market trends and the close relationships with our industry business partners, we innovate and co-create solutions for both today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.


We offers a unique combination of product and logistics solutions and associated services.

Our customers are increasingly asking for after-sales support, a constant upgrading of existing installations, and professional training services. Very importantly, they want to deal with a supplier with the highest safety and CSR standards, which is exactly what VENTOMATIC offers.

By operating three production sites (Valbrembo in Italy; Bawal in India; Qingdao in China), we remain close to our customers, ensuring the highest level of co-development, support, maintenance and parts supply.

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