Solutions for Cement

The three main levers to reduce a cement plant’s environmental footprint are electric power consumption, fuel for heating, and calcination. With existing solutions and our current technology roadmap, we are already capable of reducing emissions by 70 percent in 2030.

Zero Emissions

Reduce carbon emissions from fuel burning and reduce process emissions related to clinker.

100% Fuel substitutions

Eliminate the need for fossil fuels and delivers solutions for 100% alternative fuel.

Zero Waste

Using waste as alternative fuel makes plants more sustainable and profitable.

Solutions for Mining

Challenges such as water use, emissions and energy waste have shot to the very top of the mining agenda. The industry realises that if these issues are not quickly addressed that access to investment, regulatory compliance, license to operate and the industry's own reputation are all at risk.  

Zero water waste

Increase safety and cut risks and costs with sustainable water and tailings management.

zero emissions

Reduce emission from use of fossil fuels in transportation and minerals processing.

Zero energy Waste

Reduce energy costs and waste, especially from energy intensive mills.

Tailings management

Every mine site has unique considerations when it comes to tailings management. Explore safe and sustainable solutions for your site.

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