Sustainability report 2021 at a glance


Discover our main 2021 sustainability successes.

CEO letter

With our MissionZero programme, we aim to deliver critical sustainability solutions to the cement and mining sectors. We do this by putting sustainability at the core of our business strategy.

Our value chain

See how we manage risk and improve the sustainability of our business across the value chain.

Our performance

Explore our sustainability performance highlights for 2021.

Enabling a sustainable transition

Progress on MissionZero

Our MissionZero programme is designed to enable a sustainable mining and cement industry through technological solutions.

The MissionZero mine

The MissionZero mine illustrates our vision of the mine of the future.

The green cement plant

Our Green Cement plant concept articulates how the sector can enable zero-emission cement production by 2030.

Product sustainability

To deliver on our MissionZero objectives, and to meet increasing demand from customers and more stringent regulations, we are putting sustainability at the heart of our products.

Our ESG performance

Environmental management

Our ambition to deliver world-class sustainability solutions to reduce our customers’ footprint also requires us to reduce our own emissions and the impact of our own operations. MissionZero starts from within, and we are progressing on our Science Based Target to be carbon-neutral by 2030.


The success of our sustainability efforts depends on our people – on their skills, innovative ideas and engagement. We are providing the opportunity to grow and develop in an international working environment where diversity is actively sought, inclusion part of how we work and where we incentivise and reward performance.

Human rights

We operate in many different geographies and different cultures. Respecting and safeguarding human rights that are impacted by our business activities is a constant focus. This requires a detailed understanding of risk, remedy and the issues to be addressed across our value chain.


Building a culture that ensures the health and safety of our people and products, across our own sites and those of our customers, is core to our 2030 ambition for Zero Harm. We delivered on our 2021 targets following intensified awareness-raising activities during the year.


Listening to and understanding the needs and expectations of our local communities is extremely important. We could not operate without their support. To give back, we regularly undertake environmental projects, education, training and humanitarian work.

Sustainability governance

The development and implementation of our sustainability work is supported by a robust governance structure. Key to this structure is the active involvement of our Board of Directors and Group Executive Management in the accountability and implementation of our MissionZero programme.

Stakeholder engagement

The success of MissionZero requires more than technological solutions. To create systematic changes and accelerate the adoption of sustainable solutions, we need strong collaboration across the value chain, a supportive policy environment and active involvement from civil society. To this end, we are actively seeking engagement with key stakeholders.

Supply chain

By working together with our suppliers on their sustainability practices, we have a real opportunity to create lasting change. Programmes such as the Science Based Targets initiative ensure that we identify and reward like-minded businesses, encouraging environmental ambition across our supply chain. Similarly, we are continuing to monitor social standards at suppliers’ premises and take actions where necessary.


All our policies are only as good as our compliance – and achieving compliance relies on two things: transparency and awareness. Throughout our business and across our supply chain, we aim to be clear about our expectations as well as how to report shortcomings.

Full sustainability statement 2021