Industry 4.0 data-driven decision making

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  • Higher levels of productivity

    You cannot manage what you do not measure. Our new generation of management information systems deliver insights that will boost your plant productivity i.e. energy, production, quality, by intelligently transforming vast amount of operational data into actionable information. Tracking your overall production efficiency through automatically generated trends, analysis and reports of operational data, will allow you not only to avoid human errors or waste time, but also to enable a more centralized asset management process.

  • Improved quality of decisions

    Eliminate geographical constrains and rigid work environments, decrease response-time to incidents with more accurate information and make better decisions by having your data centralized and displayed where and when you need it. Get access to our MIS suite through mobile and web apps, and bring performance data out of the control room to your desktop and or smartphone.

  • Reduced plant downtime

    Almost every plant losses at least 5% of its productive capacity from downtime, and many lose up to 20%. We help you to reduce plant downtime by increasing downtime visibility with timely information. Dashboards and charts guide operators to diagnose the cause of the unplanned stoppages. Increase your asset utilization by finding the downtime root causes, and action on it.

  • Better communication and collaboration

    Eliminate information barriers and share a common vision across the organization. Our suite of products not only helps to make sense of the data, but it brings consistent centralized insight and full transparency to plant and equipment operations.

  • ECS/PlantDataManagement

    ECS/PlantDataManagement is an information system that transforms your process and quality data into real-time operations intelligence. Part of our ENABLR portfolio of digital solutions, ECS/PlantDataManagement automatically generates online Key Performance Indicators, supporting the decision-making process and promoting collaboration.

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  • ECS/UptimeGo

    ECS/UptimeGo is a downtime analysis solution to help plant staff to identify the issues that interrupt operations and to prevent unwanted future downtime. Part of our ENABLR portfolio of digital solutions, ECS/UptimeGo calculates the economic value of downtime, allowing plant staff to focus on finding the root causes of the problems that impact plant productivity.

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  • SiteConnect™

    SiteConnect™ Mobile Insights App connects you to critical asset performance and health data – anywhere and at anytime in real-time. Part of our ENABLR portfolio of digital solutions, SiteConnect empowers asset management, shortening response time to unplanned events and enabling optimum productivity.

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