Get ready for something better

Are you ready for valve troubles to be a thing of the past? We provide pre-assembled kits for our KREBS® TG Next Generation knife gate slurry valve that make part replacement a breeze. Whether you need to replace the actuator or a wear part, you can trust us to get you everything you need to quickly get your valve back into operation. And our kits are interchangeable between the TG Next Generation and TGW valves so you can keep fewer spare parts on hand. We understand that one bad valve is enough to shut down operations so we take your needs seriously. View our video to learn more.


Actuator conversions in a flash

You’ve asked for simplified actuator conversions and we heard you. All of our TG Next Gen and TGW valves are designed for any actuator to be easily installed. Forget the headaches and time you once spent converting your valves. Now the process is as simple as removing hardware, lifting off the old and then bolting on the new.


See our full product range of Technequip knife gate valves brochure.

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Premium valve with easy maintenance!

Replaceable wear parts

Your maintenance technicians will operate like a Formula 1 pit crew changing out the elastomer liners on our knife gate valves. Our slurry knife gate valves are the easiest part of maintenance during a plant shutdown.


Premium quality is built in

From our fully coated epoxy painted parts to the composite cylinder housings, our components are high quality and built for longevity. Our wiper blade and a dust boot with stem cover prevent product buildup to give you reliable actuation. How about a fluorocarbon coated gate to reduce friction and add wear life to your sleeves? Did we mention that all of these upgraded features are supplied as STANDARD on our Technequip valves?

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Not only for mining - also ideal for industrial and utility processes

In addition to being a perfect solution for tough mining applications, our knife gate slurry valves are invaluable for industrial and flue gas desulphurization processes that require high performance and reliability.

It is crucial for a power plant to have reliable valves to keep the process moving so they can meet the demands and emission requirements without downtime. Learn more about our gMAX® Cyclones for a deeper look at how we can help in WFGD applications.

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