Sending stations

Automatic receiving station for powder samples, with these functions: reception of the carrier, opening, emptying, cleaning, closing and return to the sending station.

Automatic receiving station, type A0143
  • Automatic
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Manual


The automatic sending station is the filling station for powder samples: filling the carrier, closing, transfer to the pneumatic post system, receiving, opening, return to the filling position.
The automatic filling station is the terminal device of a pneumatic post system. Incoming carriers are automatically opened, filled with sample material, closed again and sent. A control cabinet is integrated into the sending station. The control cabinet door contains the operating panel and the main switch.


The PT-SST-8 is a semi-automatic sending station for 8 carriers that means filling of carrier and introducing it into the sending station is done manually by the operator, the transport takes place automatically as soon the sample is called-in to the laboratory.

PT-SST-8 sending station


Manual sending station (Powder)

Manual insertion and removal of the carriers.
The highest standards of safety are assured through locking the station. For manual and semi-automatic systems. PT-MST
Manual sending station PT-MST

Manual sending station (Steel)

The PT-MST for steel plants or similar applications is fitted with sensors in order to detect the different kind of carriers (slag, pin or metal sample) introduced to the transport tube system.

PT-MST manual plant sending station



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