Wet Salt Harvesters

FLSmidth has been supplying Wet Salt Harvesters for almost 30 years to various project sites around the world.

Wet Salt Harvesters
  • Description
Wet Salt Harvesters are very similar to FLSmidth’s Dry Salt Harvesters, but they operate in several feet of brine. These crawler-mounted machines are self-propelled and have sophisticated controls systems that are GPS or radio based. Wet Salt Harvesters can also be equipped with buoyancy control systems that allow the harvester to float on the brine.

The depth of the cutterhead can be adjusted to maintain maximum harvesting levels and operating efficiency. Harvested salt is pumped as a slurry to processing plants through a pipeline that floats on the brine. FLSmidth has also developed heavy-duty cutterheads to process hard carnallite deposits that may exist in potash ponds.


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