FLSmidth Stacker offer proven reliable solutions for building up stockpiles in storage and blending applications through stacking technology from KOCH MVT

KOCH MVT Stacker
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The KOCH MVT Stacker are equipped with a boom that can be raised and lowered and rotary superstructures as required. The bulk material is stacked in a single or parallel stockpile using all conventional stacking methods.
The corresponding tripper car can be supplied in stationary, detachable, or lifting and lowering versions. Upon request bypass functions for partial or complete conveyance of the material for direct use in a factory or system can be implemented. Likewise link bridges with extendable tripper cars (adjustable if necessary) or X-type tripper cars are available.
FLSmidth offers the following types of Stacker:

  • travelling and fixed type
  • travelling and luffing
  • travelling, luffing and slewing

The selection of the stacker type depends on the stacking method and can be used in the following stockyards:

  • Longitudinal,
  • single or parallel;
  • triangle or trapezoidal cross section

Technical information:
Stockpile volume:  up to 1,000,000 m³
Boom length:         up to60 m
Capacity:              up to 12,000 t/h

KOCH MVT Stacker

Reference Plant Stacker

A shiftable type belt conveyor feeds this crawler-mounted stacker and forms part of a mobile stockpiling system for tailings. The flexibility that has been achieved will ensure high plant availability and minimize operating costs. The material is used as backfill in order to re-cultivate the land.

KOCH Stacker Reference