Mobile Reclaim Conveyor Systems

FLSmidth's Mobile Reclaim Systems offer flexibilty and cost savings above traditional material handling methods.

RAHCO Mobile Reclaim Conveyor MRC
  • Description

FLSmidth’s Mobile Reclaim System is very similar to a Mobile Stacking System and the two systems usually work together on Reusable Leach Pads. The equipment that makes up a Mobile Reclaim System consists of:

  • A Bucket Wheel Reclaimer
  • A Mobile Reclaim Conveyor equipped with a Mobile Hopper
  • A Corridor or Overland Conveyor


At the completion of the leach cycle on a Reusable Heap Leach Pad, material must be reclaimed to allow the stacking of new material. This spent material is reclaimed by means of a Bucket Wheel Excavator. The Bucket Wheel Excavator feeds material into the Mobile Hopper located on the Mobile Reclaim Conveyor. The spent ore is then carried by a fixed conveyor to a Tailings or Waste Stacking area.

Contact us to learn how FLSmidth’s Mobile Stacking and Reclaiming solutions can also be applied to Tailings/Waste Handling.