Triple Track Mobile Sizer

The RAHCO® Triple Track Mobile Sizer (TTMS) system is a unique and completely mobile equipment set tailored to overburden removal and waste stacking.

Triple Track Mobile Sizer
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Triple Track Mobile Sizer

The TTMS system derives its name from its suspension undercarriage. The undercarriage has many unique features making it a valuable piece of machinery.

  • It is triangular in nature, thus ensuring an inherently stable three-point suspension for superb stability.

  • There are no outriggers or feet that need to be lowered, which increases machine mobility.

  • The design reduces stress on the main frame structure.

The system is unique in the fact that it was designed to be completely mobile, even under load. The TTMS operator simply controls the machine by using a joystick to follow the excavation path of the shovel. The operator’s job is simplified in that he can monitor shovel/sizer activities, and the attached conveyor systems will automatically align to his path. Sensors throughout the system analyze and adjust the downstream conveyors to constantly realign themselves relative to the TTMS position.


The Triple Track Mobile Sizer has mainly been used to remove overburden and expose the precious iron ore floor, allowing extraction by other mechanical mining processes.

Twin hoppers and apron feeders on each machine were designed to: 

  • Allow the client the option of feeding both hoppers directly with two smaller hydraulic shovels

  • Increase machine availability

The RAHCO® Triple Track Mobile Sizer (TTMS) incline conveyor is supported by the main chassis of the TTMS at its tail and the mobile bridge loading hopper at its head. The incline conveyor can maneuver its tail loading point to ensure it maintains contact with the hopper of the mobile bridge. The incline conveyor also has telescoping capability, so the TTMS has some freedom of movement relative to the mobile bridge.

The general operational specifications are:

  • The face shovel removes overburden and dumps it into one of the TMMS’s two hoppers. In the bottom of each hopper, an apron feeder operates on a slight incline to lift and feed the overburden into the TTMS sizer unit.

  • Counter-rotating teeth in the sizer break the overburden into the specified size.

  • As the material is sized, it drops onto the discharge conveyor which carries it to an elevating conveyor. This, in turn, transports the material to one of the hoppers on the mobile bridge conveyor.

  • Overburden material then travels from the mobile bridge to a mobile stacking system. This stacking system can be configured to match the client’s mine plan.