Ful-Vane Compressors for Digestor Gas

For biogas recovery, transfer, or recirculation applications, the Ful-Vane compressor has a rugged design well suited for digester gas service.

Ful--Vane compressor for digestor gas
  • Digestor Gas


  • Sliding vane technology offers high efficiency and durability
  • Simple design is easily field repairable
  • Low operating speeds and heavy duty bearings result in low vibration and long life

Developed from Fuller® design and technology, FLSmidth’s Ful-Vane™ rotary vane gas compressors represent over 80 years of proven technology, resulting in a compressor that is unequalled for efficiency and smooth operation.  Available in single stage to 3000 SCFM or two stage to 1700 SCFM, with discharge pressures up to 250 PSIG.

Rugged and suited for the harshest of environments, Ful-Vane compressors feature a once-through oil system which maintains a thin oil film on the bearings, blades and cylinder walls resulting in extended compressor life and reliability.

 The high-strength Carbon Fiber vanes minimize wear on the inner cylinder and maintain the compressor's high efficiency throughout its life,, thus keeping power costs to a minimum. Plus, the Carbon Fiber vanes last 3 to 5 times longer than other blades.

With only three moving parts the Ful-Vane compressor is easily field repairable, thus reducing downtime during scheduled maintenance . Low operating speeds combined with bearing L10 lives of over 40,000 hours, result in minimal downtime for repairs.  Additionally, the cylinder  and the rotor can be remachined several times, greatly extending the usable life of your initial capital investment. With an average life of over 25 years, Ful-Vane compressors are built to last.

Whether you are a user looking for a complete packaged compressor skid including ancillaries such as condensate removal scrubbers, after coolers, and controls, or an OEM packager looking for a dependable gas compressor for your system, FLSmidth will work with you to select the right Ful-Vane compressor for your application.

Digestor Gas Compressor Schematic


Ful-Vane™ Gas Compressor brochure

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