When you join FLSmidth, you open the door to exciting projects all over the world, working alongside great colleagues of all nationalities.


If you have questions about working or applying for a job at FLSmidth, you'll find the answers here.

FLSmidth Career FAQ
Do you only employ engineers?
No! In order to run a successful, global engineering company with more than 15,000 employees, we need highly skilled specialists in many fields, both technical and administrative.

Can I send an unsolicited application?
Rather than send us an unsolicited application, we would encourage you to set up a job agent in our recruitment system. That way, you will get notified whenever a job opportunity suitable to your skills and work preferences opens.

What should I write in my application?
Traditions vary from region to region so take notice in the local customs. In general we always recommend forwarding a resume. Added to this, we generally recommend forwarding a short motivation letter explaining why you see FLSmidth as your employer of choice combined with a short explanation of how you can contribute in the particular job.

Can I use MAC when I apply for a job?
No, you can only use a PC. Our system is not MAC compatible.

Where can I meet FLSmidth at job fairs?
FLSmidth attends a number of job fairs every year. Go to our news section to find out when we’re attending a fair in your region.

What should I wear for the interview?
FLSmidth adapts to local customs and dress codes wherever we operate. Dress as you would for any other business meeting in your region.

Can I manage with English only or do I need to speak the local language (Tamil, Danish, Chinese)?
Being able to speak multiple languages is often an advantage but is in many positions not required as English is our group language.

How much travel activity can I expect in a job at FLSmidth?
That depends on the job – and on you. Some jobs involve very frequent travel, others don’t. We make it a point to accommodate our employees’ wishes and needs in this respect to ensure a good work life balance.

What is the typical working form (on projects, in fixed teams, alone)?
This depends on the job or the project you are working on. Generally speaking, though, you should be prepared and willing to work well with others and in teams, and to communicate with many stakeholders during working hours. This includes communicate across geographical, cultural and professional borders.

What does it mean to me that FLSmidth is a truly global workplace?
It means you will get the opportunity to have a truly global career – working abroad for longer or shorter periods or even expatriation. You will have colleagues all over the world and from all over the world.

What is FLSmidth's attitude towards development of employees?
At FLSmidth, the continued development of our employees is a business critical factor, and one we invest heavily in. Through annual development reviews, development programmes and training, we seek to ensure that you are constantly developing professionally, for your own good and for the company’s.

What are the employee benefits at FLSmidth?
Benefits vary from location to location, but our overall ambition is to create a work place with a strong emphasis on professional development and work-life balance.