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Durable equipment and accessories for every stage of the fire assaying process

While the basic fire assay technique for the recovery of gold from precious metals has changed very little over the past two thousand years, our fire assay systems and accessories bring many new efficiencies to these age-old methods.


Our bulk fluxing, loading, and pouring systems reduce both turnaround times and energy consumption. They also support your lab to operate at peak activity without compromising safety.


Our quality control procedures safeguard that our crucibles are consistent in their size, quality, and capabilities. They are designed for your convenience to be multi-use, corrosion-resistant, and to withstand cracking. Strength and shape are also maintained throughout their lifespan.


We employ innovative manufacturing techniques and use high-grade raw materials in our thermal products to ensure they can withstand the extreme high temperatures and harsh conditions of the laboratory.


This supports our fire assay systems and accessories to deliver:


  • Improved productivity and accuracy
  • Safe worker environments
  • Low production costs
  • High performance and low failure, despite the harsh conditions.


Our of fire assaying equipment range includes:


  • Flux dosing and mixing devices – minimise the possibility of error and take away the guesswork with the automated functioning of these devices. With their high sample processing rates, they support busy laboratories, and their precision ensures high quality results are achieved.


  • Multiload and multipour systems – easily and safely load, pour, and move multiple samples into and out of high temperature furnaces with our multiload and multipour systems. Available with 24, 42, 50 and 84 places, they can be tailored to suit your needs and a range of furnace types, crucibles and cupels.


  • ROJAN crucibles, cupels and furnace ceramics – manufactured from high-grade raw materials to meet your most demanding fire assay job, our ROJAN range of thermal products is designed to save you time, reduce your operational costs and prolong the life of your furnace.


  • Foundry crucibles and accessories – suited to melting non-ferrous metals, including gold, aluminium, silver, copper, and nickel, at temperatures between 400° and 1500° C, our crucibles and accessories come in a range of sizes and custom options. Proven performers, you can depend on them.



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