Fast and effective recovery of battery minerals

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Complete solutions in lithium processing technology for powerful returns 

The global demand for rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles is pushing demand for battery-grade lithium. Current prices are high, and speed should be your number one priority if you run a lithium deposit and want to make the most of the now open window of opportunity.

Whether you work for one of the major players in the lithium industry or are associated with a junior company trying to gain a foothold in the market, the right initial testing is the first step in speeding up the process. Commercial laboratories don’t factor in technology and equipment testing, and that is why we have established two test centres in the US that serve global customers and help get battery grade lithium projects off to a head start.

Based on tests performed here, our engineers design the optimal process flowsheet and plant design for your site. The earlier you approach us, the better the outcome and collaboration, and the better the plant design. This results in lower CAPEX and faster time-to-market.

Full flowsheet for brine and spodumene 

Our facilities test both brine and hard rock sources and we provide you with a full flowsheet of life-cycle equipment for either. Despite lithium mining being a relative new industry, we have pioneered this industry for more than 20 years. Combined with our more than 130 years of experience from relatable industries, your project is in the most experienced hands. This experience is highly valued by investors and eases the way to gain capital to move your project forward.

If you run a spodumene mine, you probably wish to reduce production costs, and if you run a brine deposit, producing more volume fast with the least environmental impact is most likely high on your agenda. If you run an ongoing project and need help removing bottlenecks, our years of experience also comes in handy. We monitor our equipment closely and benchmark equipment performance across projects. Best practise from one site is transferred to other sites as well.

This not only helps you remove bottlenecks but also to maximise performance of your equipment including avoiding unplanned stops. The data on thousands of pieces of equipment all across the world makes predictive maintenance easier and more accurate. Our equipment is backed with world-class support throughout its lifecycle.

Lithium demand will triple 

Your battery-grade lithium is needed to make the world of electric vehicles enter the next era. Our testing facilities and full flowsheet of equipment makes it happen faster and reduces your time-to-market. Relying on one partner to provide the testing, the equipment, the commission and the service and maintenance also makes your project a more attractive choice for investors.

Lithium forecast indicate demand will more than triple over the next decade. With the newest technology, backed by years of experience in brine and spodumene extraction methods, we are your full solutions partner for major lithium processing operations.

Stop downtime from wearing down profits

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