Key Benefits

  • Improve cement plant productivity
  • Reduce environmental footprint
  • Increase capacity
  • Improve quality
  • Reduce consumption

Empower your process with digitalisation

Across your cement flowsheet, your equipment offers a wealth of information about how efficiently your process is performing. Capturing this data in real time is key to achieving optimum performance – as well as increasing the availability factor. That’s where digital tools come into their own. Enabling you to adjust and optimise operating parameters, spot potential problems before they have the chance to escalate, and take advantage of our remote services to diagnose, troubleshoot and even make adjustments from afar. It’s all possible with digitalisation.

Driving growth through performance optimisation

The more smoothly your plant runs, the greater your productivity. But how do you achieve optimum performance? Our AI and machine-learning enabled technologies are designed to draw data from your equipment and use it to calculate the best possible performance parameters in real time. From blending raw materials, to capturing product samples for analysis, or even optimising mill loads, there is a digital solution to streamline every part of your operation. Better yet, these solutions are designed to work together seamlessly for full-flowsheet optimisation. 


Reducing environmental impact with digitalisation

Optimisation isn’t just a question of increasing productivity – it’s about doing more with less. Which is why digital tools are integral to a more sustainable cement process. These continuous, real-time, automatic adjustments ensure energy consumption is reduced, giving you a more energy efficient operation. It’s also easier to increase the use of alternative fuels and raw materials in a data-driven environment where you can be much more proactive, reacting as kiln conditions change rather than waiting to see the results of those changes.


Eliminating unplanned downtime with the IoT

Connectivity-based technologies – the so-called Internet of Things – have given us all the ability to communicate with machines in a way that was previously unimaginable. Not only can you connect processes, automate operations and interpret performance data to help avoid downtime, but you can also connect with our experts for additional support and insight. Our digital services include online condition monitoring, remote troubleshooting, and even remote operations if needed. With the right data in hand, and expert support available 24/7, you can develop a proactive maintenance strategy that eliminates unplanned downtime. Act, prepare and prevent failure with digital tools and services.


Digitalising the cement circuit

Connect, monitor and optimise performance of your assets with our portfolio of digital solutions and services. Combining your data with our expertise, we can take your operations to the next level. Increasing productivity. Reducing energy consumption. Eliminating unplanned downtime.

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