Key Benefits

  • Improve cement plant productivity
  • Reduce environmental footprint
  • Increase capacity
  • Improve quality
  • Reduce consumption

Digital strategies, solutions and tools to support cement production

The adoption of digital technologies is having a major impact on cement production. Cement producers today are looking to embrace digitalisation as a critical enabler of productivity.

Driving growth through productivity

Digital solutions do not help on their own. They need to be adopted as part of a bigger digital strategy that best aligns with your business processes and overall goals. This requires a holistic approach involving many disciplines and functional areas. As digital technologies are constantly and rapidly evolving, we invest in developing and integrating new, more effective solutions. We embrace this continuous development together with you, working with you to understand the opportunities for process improvements.

Internet of Things

The cement production industry is realising the potential of connectivity-based technologies, often referred to as Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. We see it as the convergence of information and operations technology, providing valuable data about plant equipment. Understanding the advanced sensing and data analytics allows cement plant managers to make better decisions about the operation.

The ability to work with data is opening significant opportunities for process improvements in cement production. One example is condition-based maintenance. As cement plant equipment and processes are monitored digitally, it enables you to react quicker, make smarter decisions on when to repair or maintain equipment based on unique data specific to your operation. This ultimately increases productivity by reducing down-time.

FLSmidth develops customised solutions based on IoT technologies aimed at improving the performance of production equipment. The use of sensors in moving parts and network-based connectivity allows you to gather operating data from the equipment. This can be applied to improve up-time of cement kilns and grinding mills.

It also allows remote monitoring to oversee operations of quarry vehicles, for example, where key metrics such as fuel consumption and operating hours can be tracked. Data from vehicles can be analysed to predict potential failures.

Reducing environmental footprint

By optimising processes and reducing resources in cement production, you can reduce your operation’s environmental footprint. Digital tools are not only useful in helping to streamline raw materials and consumables management, waste management and energy management; they are essential to helping your operations comply with local legislation. They help give you a detailed picture of your operations, giving you the opportunity to reduce consumption of energy and other materials.

Full digital flowsheet

Our digital solutions range from automation software systems and robotics technology to monitoring systems and advanced data analytics. An example is our advanced process control solutions, which many cement producers use to stabilise and optimise key cement processes.

This delivers several potential advantages, such as:


  • Production increases in kiln applications and in mill applications
  • Fuel savings in kiln applications and in mill applications
  • Reduction of process and quality variability

The ability to predict quality is particularly important. High-quality cement requires homogeneous raw meal and consistent operations throughout the plant. Digital technologies enable you to monitor the input materials and adjust the operation of the grinding systems and pyroprocessing system to gain the best output.

As a pioneer in digitalisation in the cement industry, we have developed digital solutions for equipment control, process optimisation and plant optimisation since digital technologies were first introduced into industrial production processes. We help cement producers achieve greater levels of productivity, decrease cement plants’ environmental impact, and create ever-safer working conditions.

Data analytics

Applying data analytics to improve plant productivity is at the heart of our operations and maintenance services. We offer digital platforms that give easy access to key operational data, enabling you to take appropriate preventive or corrective actions, either automated or provided through remote services. Simulation technologies also allow actions to be tried out in a virtual environment. You can evaluate the impact on performance before implementation, saving costs and reducing risk. 


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