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Empowering our people to do what they do best

Productivity is top of the industry agenda. Initiatives within digitalization and automation are critical to help us achieve our goals of increasing efficiency and with it comes new sets of skills, which is evolving at same frantic pace as the technology. To harness the full benefits of digitalization or maximising the value of plant equipment and staying competitive, it is therefore essential to keep up-to-date with the latest knowledge and procedures.



But, developing staff expertise is not only a matter of running an efficient and profitable production. Focus on training is also rewarded in the form of fewer accidents, and even more importantly, in your ability to attract new talent. An emphasis on continuous personal growth is a sign of your commitment to running a sustainable and attractive workplace as well as it ensures you the optimal and most productive operation.



At the end of the day, both the mining and cement production is a people’s business - machines can be built and optimised, but ultimately It is about the people operating them. We need to train and empower our people to do want they do best and to create results.


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