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This series of training webinars offers you the skills and knowledge you need to manage all of your equipment and systems and helps you maximize the productivity of your plant. All times are EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) or EST (Eastern Standard Time).

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Webinar  Register Description When Duration Cost
Kiln Maintenance III: Ovality & Hot Kiln Alignment  Sign up Understand the principles of shell flex (ovality) and how it affects performance 8/10/2021  1:00 pm EDT 90 minutes  $100
Quemadores y Flamas   Registrarse Obtenga más información sobre el proceso de combustión y cómo afecta su sistema  8/11/2021  1:00 pm EDT  90 minutos  $100
ECS V8/ACESYS Introduction II  Sign up Get a deeper understanding of your ECS/ControlCenter  8/12/2021  1:00 pm EDT 90 minutes   $100 
Pfister Rotor Weighfeeder Calibration  Sign up Learn how to properly calibrate your weighfeeder for more precise feeding 8/17/2021  1:00 pm EDT   75 minutes $100 
Introducción I ECS V8/ACESYS   Registrarse Aprenda como usar ECS V8 para modelar su sistema para satisfacer las necesidades específicas de su planta  8/18/2021  1:00 pm EDT  90 minutos $100
Volatile Matter and its impact on Kiln Operation  Sign up Optimize your kiln operation, clinker quality, emissions through an increased understanding of volatile matter 8/19/2021  1:00 pm EDT   75 minutes  $100 
Fuller® Ful-Vane™ Compressor Annual Inspections  Sign up Learn how to keep your Ful-Vane™ compressor running at peak performance
by using the right inspection methods
8/31/2021  1:00 pm EDT  140 minutes $100 
Inspección Anual compresor Fuller   Registrarse Aprenda cómo mantener su compresor Ful-Vane™ funcionando al máximo rendimiento utilizando los métodos de inspección correctos  9/1/2021  1:00 pm EDT 140 minutos  $100
Kiln Maintenance IV: Troubleshooting and Outage Planning  Sign up Learn how to use data to create an optimal maintenance strategy  9/7/2021  1:00 pm EDT  90 minutes   $100
Introducción II ECS V8/ACESYS   Registrarse Obtenga una comprensión más profunda de su ECS/ControlCenter 9/8/2021  1:00 pm EDT    90 minutos   $100
Burners and Flames  Sign up Learn more about the combustion process and how it affects your system  9/9/2021  1:00 pm EDT  90 minutes     $100
Crossbar Cooler Hydraulics  Sign up Learn more about set up, maintenance and troubleshooting for your Cross-Bar Cooler’s hydraulic system  9/28/2021  1:00 pm EDT   90 minutes   $100 
Clinker Cooler Operation  Sign up Increase the efficiency of your cooler system and reduce production costs through a better understanding of your clinker cooler operation  9/30/2021  1:00 pm EDT    75 minutes   $100


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