Get more from your ECS/ControlCenter product control with daily use and maintenance training

Usage and maintenance training enables you to get more from your ECS/ControlCenter. You’ll gain a true understanding of the basic ECS/ControlCenter functions and learn how to effectively configure, maintain, troubleshoot and expand – so you can model your system to meet your specific plant needs. 


Optimum performance is vital for your plant, and by mastering the ECS/ControlCenter product control, you can optimise process control and ensure high plant efficiency. From gaining a true understanding of the basic ECS/ControlCenter functions to learning how to effectively configure, maintain, troubleshoot and expand, this course helps you to model your system to meet your specific plant needs. 


The training begins by ensuring you have a detailed understanding of how to gather information and control the product machine  using the system. You progress to practise optimising and fine-tuning the ECS/ControlCenter product control and learn about new tools to effectively maintain the system. 


Beyond optimising your knowledge of the ECS/ControlCenter, this FLSmidth Institute training helps you to discover how to expand the system to suit your own setup as your plant evolves.


This course can be customised and held on-site at your facility or you can attend a scheduled course at one of our global FLSmidth facilities.


Course overview

Africa, Australia, Central Asia, East Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, Russia, South America, Southern Asia
Aggregates, Cement, Chemical, Food and pharmaceuticals, Mining, Oil and gas refining, Port and terminals, Power utilities, Pulp and paper, Steel, Waste to energy, Water treatment
Applicable audience
Electrical maintenance engineers
Production engineers
Process engineers
System engineers
Training at FLSmidth facility

Master the ECS/ControlCenter  product system for optimal control & maintenance


  • Ensure proper use of the ECS/ControlCenter product control in relation to day-to-day process control
  • Understand the basic ECS/ControlCenter product control functions
  • Learn how to effectively configure, maintain, troubleshoot and expand your system
  • Discover how to model your ECS/ControlCenter product control to meet your specific plant needs


Available dates for ECS/ControlCenter product control training

This 3-day course on ECS/ControlCenter product control takes place in the classroom on-site or at FLSmidth. Some parts of the training might include exercises on a final commissioned ECS/ControlCenter product control system. Please contact us for updated course dates.

United States
Salt Lake City, Utah

What your ECS/ControlCenter product control training covers

Each participant will a binder with all of the training materials.
Operators for daily use; control system engineers for daily use & maintenance.
The classroom based training takes place in a simulated environment.

Your training will cover the following content:



  • Workplace/portal navigation
  • V8 manuals
  • Log on


Workplace different modes

  • Normal Workplace Mode
  • Touch Optimized Workplace mode


Operator station

  • OpStation/mimic navigation
  • ACESYS V8 light


Trend system

  • Data logging
  • Trend options
  • Trend packages


Alarm/event system

  • Alarm/event system scenarios
  • Alarm filtering/prioritising
  • Interlock root cause functionality


Report system

  • Report viewer scenario
  • Operator configuration options



  • System Maintenance 
  • Licensing
  • System Service Center
  • Backup / Restore
  • Hotfix Installation
  • location control concept



  • HMI editor, initiation and options
  • Mimic matrix principles and setup
  • Introduction to ACESYSY V8


Please note the following about your ECS/ControlCenter product control training

Course requirements/prerequisites:

All participants must have basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows, PCs and TCP/IP networking and basic knowledge of the functionality of a PLC in combination with a SCADA system is also required.

Simulated vm-ware:

This course includes training on simulated vm-ware; i.e., a copy of a system with simulation.

This means that when participants work with the system, it looks similar to the system you run in your own plant.

Fee and payment:

Your standard training fee covers:

  • Registration and tuition
  • Training material
  • Use of facilities and equipment
  • Instruction in English by experienced FLSmidth specialists
  • Refreshments and lunches
  • Training certificate after course completion



If a course is cancelled by the client, the following payment is applicable:


0-30 days before = 100% of fee

31-60 days before = 50% of fee

61 days before = 0% of fee


FLSmidth reserves the right to cancel training courses if there are not enough applicants to meet the objectives of a given training course. In case of cancellation, we will notify all applicants directly. FLSmidth will make a full refund but disclaim any further liability.


Registration contact:

Rezk Boutros

Senior Product Engineer, Training and Control Systems

Tel : +1 610-231-5637




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