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Training courses on your ECS process control systems

Our process control ECS courses are primarily relevant for control room personnel.

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Daily use courses are introductory operator training on the ECS process control systems at your facility. These courses provide overview, tools and helpful procedures which are required for using the process control systems effectively in day-to-day operations.

Maintenance courses build upon the daily use operator training and are designed for engineers already experienced with the ECS process control systems. These courses provide detailed overviews of the ECS process control systems and how to maintain and customise them.

The maintenance courses include presentations, hands-on exercises with the process control systems, guidelines and interactive discussions. The courses include practical experience with maintenance of the process control systems, resulting in a thorough knowledge of the system.

For high level training, a customised process control system training course may be the right choice for your facility. A high level workshop normally focuses on a plant-specific issue or project. The issue will be solved through cooperation, hands-on activities and use of relevant documents, tools and discussions.

A customised process control course will include a special focus on skills development. To get the most out of the high level workshop, the participants must have knowledge similar to any comparable maintenance courses and plant experience within the process control systems to be discussed.  

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What do you gain from process control systems training?

Our process control systems training courses are designed to help you to strengthen the professional competences at your plant and make sure that plant personnel are updated with the latest information on your ECS process control systems.

Our process control systems training programmes are designed to give you:

  • Continuously optimised production * Increased lifetime of the process control systems
  • Improved availability and operability by understanding the system topology and basic maintenance
  • Stable production, reduced energy consumption, increased production, and more uniform product quality
  • Higher employee competency in operating, maintaining and programming the ECS process control systems 


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