Vital actions for mineral dewatering circuits

Mine water management is currently a hot topic. Demands are changing and dewatering processes and efficiencies must be improved. This two-day seminar covers all aspects of dewatering circuits, including equipment, moisture retention, and general management. 


This training course aims to help you improve the performance of current dewatering circuits, or consider improvements to future installations.

We will focus on the range of equipment and processes currently used in dewatering circuits within the mineral processing industries and the applications they are best suited to. 

You will be given information and will participate in discussion on current and future dewatering requirements and the types of equipment needed, specifically in regard to design features, capacities, and efficiency and installation requirements. 

We will conclude by reviewing future trends in dewatering, highlighting dry tailing disposal systems and plant water recirculation.

Course overview

Applicable audience
Process engineers
Maintenance managers
Production managers
Training at FLSmidth facility

Improve your dewatering efficiencies

With several more established mines in the Pilbara region of WA reaching the point where they are about to go below the water table, as well as a growing interest in water-recycling tailings management, this seminar is aligned with the ever-changing needs of the minerals industry in Australia.

By attending this seminar, you will:

  • Have a better understanding of the latest dewatering requirements in the mineral processing industries.
  • Be able to identify areas where improvements can be made based on a review of your current dewatering circuits.
  • Have created an excellent network with our specialists and your counterparts from the mineral processing industry.


Available dates for the mineral processing dewatering circuits seminar 

This 2-day seminar will be held at the FLSmidth Supercentre in Welshpool, WA

Welshpool, WA

Stay up to date with your mineral processing dewatering circuits 

Discussion topics

Changing approaches to dewatering


Increasing water costs, tighter environmental requirements and smarter tailings management are driving a greater focus on dewatering. Discuss how the industry is changing to work towards a future of efficient and effective dewatering.


Mineral characteristics that affect dewatering


Different mineral characteristics and process chemicals have a bearing on moisture retention, dewatering processes and equipment selection. Examines some different effects and review how to select the best equipment and circuit design.

Dewatering circuits and equipment selection


Examines the expected performance of dewatering circuits and discuss the pros and cons of different equipment types and dewatering circuit designs. Arrive at recommendations for best practice.


Dewatering efficiency and end product materials handling


Moisture content in the end product from the processing plant can have a profound effect on almost all processes, including stockpile stacking, reclaiming and shipping. Examine the demands and limitations that moisture content places on the materials handling process. Critically review the end goal for the dewatering process within the plant.


New approach to tailings management


Traditional tailings ponds are expensive, have large footprints and are difficult to manage from an environmental perspective. Looks at new ideas and innovations in tailings disposal systems and discuss their advantages to the industry.


Filter for water reuse

Details for the mineral processing dewatering circuits seminar


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