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Minimising your equipment and system downtime with maintenance training

Downtime means lost production and profits. And when the downtime is unplanned due to equipment breakdown, the costs are even higher. As a rule, unplanned maintenance is four times more expensive than planned maintenance. Good predictive and preventive maintenance practices are critical to successful operations and productivity. 

Good predictive and preventive maintenance practices give you:

  • Improved operator and equipment safety – Potential problems can be caught and fixed before they can cause a dangerous situation.
  • Improved equipment efficiency – Normal wear and tear reduces equipment efficiency. Proper maintenance optimises working conditions and improves the life span of the equipment.
  • Reduced downtime – Preventive and predictive maintenance work can be scheduled at a time that has the lowest impact on production. And all the necessary parts are available and ready, so the time to complete the maintenance is minimised.
  • Improved reliability – Preventive maintenance ensures that your equipment performs in a reliable way.
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From the mining and preparation through production and product loadout, we offer practical maintenance training for all your cement or mining plant equipment and systems – from any manufacturer.

These training courses are designed to teach you or your plant personnel how to perform the necessary maintenance activities and repair work essential to prevent breakdowns and ensure high availability, overall equipment efficiency and reliability. The end result is better profitability of the equipment and systems.

When breakdowns happen, reaction is critical

Unfortunately, even with the best practices in place for preventive maintenance, sometimes equipment breaks down unexpectedly. In these situations, your ability to troubleshoot and identify the problem and develop a repair plan quickly is crucial. Troubleshooting is the first step in the repair process. If you are not familiar with that piece of equipment and the steps necessary to quickly and efficiently find the root cause, getting the equipment into back into service takes even longer. Our maintenance training programmes go beyond just standard maintenance, to make you more familiar with the equipment and teach you how to determine what the problems might be.

What do you gain from maintenance training?

You and your staff, with the help and guidance of our industry experts, will develop detailed procedures for preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and reactive maintenance relevant to

your equipment. You will gain a better understanding of the equipment and plan more efficient and effective maintenance programs for both short term and long term scheduling.

Our maintenance training programmes are designed to give you:

  • Better understanding of the equipment design and its limitations.
  • Optimise and standardise predictive and preventive maintenance techniques, improving the overall equipment efficiency.
  • Make informed decisions upon inspection of components on their condition and serviceability.
  • Learn troubleshooting techniques to quickly identify and fix problems.
  • Implementation of the best maintenance practices to achieve sustainable and stable run time with the equipment resulting in improved productivity.
  • Higher employee confidence in planning and performing the necessary maintenance procedures. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and felt like I have a much better understanding of what I am doing when I am in the “driver’s seat”.

Tyler McNally Buzzi UNACEM US


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