The right training is a valuable investment for you and your plant

Productivity is a top priority for your plant, and high quality training of your employees is a major factor to reaching your goal. We offer a wide variety of training courses online, on-site or at one of our facilities throughout the world. Our highly skilled specialists offer unique, hands-on training in various topics designed to improve your plant productivity, from general equipment maintenance and operations through process controls and system optimisation. 

Why invest in training?


Your employees are your most important asset. And their ability to operate and maintain your equipment and systems directly impacts your bottom line. The two most important goals for all training are to generate value for the company while developing skills and knowledge for the employees.

Quality training leads to:

  • Higher efficiency and productivity
  • Increased plant profitability
  • Lower risk of equipment breakdown due to improved troubleshooting and maintenance competencies
  • Higher likelihood for your company to retain the best people, due to higher confidence, motivation, job satisfaction and morale among personnel.
  • Better capability for people to adopt new technologies and methods to improve operations
  • Overall improved competitive advantage for your company
Development of skills

Skills are developed through steps, and each step requires different types of training:


  • New users require clear guidance and overview
  • Experienced users need knowledge, explanations, general guidelines, tools and examples of when and how to deviate from the rules
  • Experts require knowledge, perspectives, suggestions, cooperation and adjustable tools

Our courses and customised training programmes are designed to bring your employees effectively up through the necessary development to reach the end goal. Our training enhances skills for all user levels and helps you ensure the appropriate level of competencies among your employees.


What training do you need?

We offer practical training for all plant equipment and systems – from any manufacturer.

The more you know, the better you can do your job. Whether you are looking for a refresher course on kiln alignment, training for process control programming, or complete operations training for a newly installed system, we have the right training programme.

Our training course offerings are organised into five categories to meet all your needs:  Fundamentals, Operations, Maintenance, Process Controls and Quality Controls:


Fundamentals courses

Broad based training courses and seminars on your equipment and systems. These courses are primarily for newer staff or those not normally directly involved in production. They are also an excellent overview for anyone looking to update or enhance their general knowledge.

Training courses and seminars to support your equipment or systems operations to optimise and improve productivity

Maintenance courses

Training courses and seminars to enhance the preventive and corrective maintenance of your equipment or systems to keep your plant running at optimum efficiency.

Process controls courses

Training courses and seminars focused on the programming and maintenance of your process control systems.

Quality controls courses

Training courses and seminars focused on the programming and maintenance of your quality control systems.

Are you still unsure of your training needs? 

Conducting a thorough Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is very important and often the most neglected part of any training program.

Through a TNA, we help you break down a business challenge to see if training is necessary to resolve the problem, identify the nature of the specific training required and who needs it to be most effective.

Generally, a TNA will identify a performance gap which can be attributed to the lack of skills or knowledge required to perform a task to the required standard. Only when this performance gap is identified can the right training program be designed to address these needs.

Customised training courses 

If you don’t find what you need from one of our listed sessions, we are always available to create a customised course for your specific requirements. Our tailored training programmes are flexible solutions designed to address the specific challenges you are facing in your plant. We will take into account the processes and machinery in use, pinpoint the areas of development and structure each program with topics relevant to your organisation.

We know that timing and budget are important when considering any training. To accommodate your priorities, we will work with you to determine the best training format and duration to meet your needs, assuring you the highest return on your training investment.

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