Meeting your targets

Whether you want to decrease power consumption or increase plant capacity, we are focused on researching and developing the best technical solutions and products to help you. We develop and test products to ensure high reliability and availability, with a minimum environmental impact and the lowest possible lifecycle costs.

We are continuously investing in developing solutions that will help you meet the targets and goals you have for your plant, and to help you overcome the challenges you are facing.

Product development often involves testing a pilot-scale version of the solution, which enables R&D engineers to analyse performance before applying the solution to a full-scale industrial prototype.

Testing & research to get the most out of your applications

Our research and testing centres include laboratories, workshops and pilot-testing facilities. We have various centres of excellence all over the world: Denmark, USA and India. We are also in cooperation with universities and leading institutions in Denmark, Egypt and Russia.

Specialising in cement production equipment and efficient processes that are fit for the future, our R&D centre Dania in Denmark is the cement industry’s largest. The capabilities of our laboratories and pilot-testing facilities can be leveraged to support both new and existing plants. It’s the world's largest experimental ground for cement-making technology. This is where we test new innovations on a major scale. Different disciplines work closely together at Dania to turn ideas into reality.

Our efforts at Dania can be broadly categorised into the analysis of raw materials for cement production, and process optimisation:

World-class laboratories to analyse raw material
Should you invest in a new cement plant in a particular region? How should the cement production equipment be designed? The answers to these questions largely depend on the raw materials – characteristics can vary greatly from region to region. Dania is one of the world's most advanced laboratories for the analysis of raw materials in cement production. We receive and test tonnes of raw materials from all over the world.
Process optimisation

The beauty of the cement process is that everything is connected. If you want to burn a more diverse mix of fuels, without sacrificing cement quality, what do you need to consider? If you plan to increase the capacity of your cooler, does your bag house also need to be expanded? A new regulation will decrease the allowable limits of SOx – what are your options to maintain compliance?

Our more than 135 years of investigating and living the cement production process offers a rich background to support predictive analysis. From this, we design highly advanced and customised technology solutions to optimise your processes. These include, for example, the FLSmidth® HOTDISC ® combustion device, which is a highly effective technology for substituting calciner fuel with coarse alternative fuels and for feeding waste materials into the kiln system.

Another example is the FLSmidth® JETFLEX® burner, which is ideal for smaller solids as well as liquid alternative fuels. And to help you respond to and meet emission legislation requirements we offer, for example, environmental reporting systems that collect and analyse emissions data, providing you with vital trends and reports.

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